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I like Smith too and Pierce.

When pierce improves his tackling to go with his nosse for the ball then the transition from Armstead to pierce will be Smooth.

Then again there is the that issue of the kid (pierce)becoming a restricted or UFA vs a rookie with 4 yrs here on the cheap

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Mitchell and Pierce aren't going anywhere. They have both been reliable backups who have played well when getting a chance to start, not to mention good special teams players.

I think there are two keys to Smith making the team. First is, of course, special teams play. I don't think you can be a backup linebacker in the NFL and not be able to play special teams. While I haven't been able to focus on Smith's special teams play, his abandon and nose for the ball suggests he should be effective.

Second, can he play a little strongside linebacker? It may not be completely crucial, since Pierce can play both sides, but it could help. Mitchell can only play the middle, so I think Smith needs to show a little versatility.

I think Smith has a future, because Mitchell is in his 30s. If Smith proves capable, the Skins could save a few bucks by letting Mitchell go -- just not this season.

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If the staff is enamored with clifton Smith as many fans are, I wouldn't be surprised at all if the decision was made to have him get the back-up spot over Mitchell.

There's several factors in play here.

1) How comfortable are they with Trotter's recovery? If they feel he's 100%, Mitchell won't see the field a lot even if he's kept.

2) Salary; Clifton Smith will be much cheaper, earning a minimum undrafted rookie salary vs. an old vet salary.

3) Special teams ability. A young head hunter would be good.

4) Age: Mitchell is what he is. An old vet that gives a solid game. There's no future past another year or two. Smith is a rookie. There' definate potential for upgrading his play and having a 5 or 6 year (or longer) player develop.

I've not been noticing Mitchell at all in preseason. Has he been playing? I kow they've been looking at the youngsters (Pierce, Clemons, Smith, Marshall).

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Will Armstead make the team this year? :doh1:

Are you kidding? I HATE the Giants, but he was in my opinion our 2nd best defensive player last year, Champ being #1. Armstead several times would clean up Lavar's mistakes, and how many games did he easily lead our team in tackles last year?!

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