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San Antonio Express-News: New Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells isn't expecting mira


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New Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells isn't expecting miracles

By Tom Orsborn

San Antonio Express-News


Bill Parcells isn't into sugar coating things. And there's zero chance that you'll ever hear him describe himself as "Pollyanna," which is something his predecessor did last season.

So when Parcells says rebuilding the Cowboys will be a difficult task, it's pretty clear that the Hall-of-Fame-bound coach doesn't expect his team to participate in this year's Super Bowl tournament.

"Let me tell you something, this is going to be a struggle here," Parcells said recently. "This just isn't going to go smoothly. I can tell. We are very thin in a couple of spots. We are very uncertain in a couple of other spots.

"We are going to have to use every little thing that we have to create an advantage, and then we are going to have to be lucky to stay healthy and not lose key players at key times."

As far as luck goes, the Cowboys have already had their share of misfortune. During training camp, injuries cost the team one player expected to start (rookie center Al Johnson) and another expected to see significant time in the secondary and on special teams (second-year defensive back Pete Hunter).

But Parcells didn't hang his head. He was too busy trying to figure out a way to pull together an offense that has significant question marks at quarterback and running back.

As a coach who prefers to grind it out with a strong running game, Parcells has always preferred to give the ball to big backs capable of averaging 20 or more carries a game. The Cowboys have a big, strong runner in Troy Hambrick, but the jury is still out as to whether he can handle the physical and mental demands that come with being a featured runner in the NFL.

If Hambrick stumbles early, Parcells won't hesitate to employ a rusher-by-committee approach. Such a plan would call on versatile fullback Richie Anderson, third-down specialist Michael Wiley, speedster Aveion Cason and Hambrick to share the load. The coach also won't hesitate to bring in significant veteran help from outside.

"The team (Tampa Bay) that won the Super Bowl last year did that," Parcells said. "I know it can work. I really do."

Solving the problem at quarterback won't be as easy. The candidates are Quincy Carter and Chad Hutchinson, two passers with erratic decision-making skills.

"I'm looking to see who can kind of command the huddle and run the team and manage the team and keep a good tempo and get along when things don't go well," Parcells said. "When everything is in chaos, then you have to be the hand that steers the ship. If you've got a panic button, then most of the time the team will have a panic button."

On the positive side, the offensive line and the receiving corps should be solid. Veterans Ryan Young (tackle) and Gennaro DeNapoli (center) will help stabilize the front wall. Newcomers Terry Glenn and Dan Campbell at receiver and tight end, respectively, should also become popular targets for the QBs.

The team's strength is expected to be its defense, which boasts a returning Pro Bowler at tackle (veteran La'Roi Glover), potential Pro Bowlers at safety (veteran Darren Woodson and second-year player Roy Williams) and a rookie-of-the-year candidate at cornerback (first-round pick Terence Newman).

Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer's big challenge will be improving the team's pass rush. The Cowboys recorded just 24 sacks last season and need big years from ends Greg Ellis and Ebenezer Ekuban to improve on that anemic total. Look for Zimmer to also send Williams and linebacker Al Singleton at the quarterback as much as possible.

Special teams has always been a priority for Parcells, who has given special-teams coach Bruce DeHaven the green light to use such highly regarded regulars as Williams and Newman.

"I see (Williams) playing some," Parcells said. "Hey, I played Lawrence Taylor as a split end on punt teams in the playoffs

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OK seriously as good as Parcells is, he has very little to work with.

O line and D line are horrid. A #1 WR thats like evendy, two QB's that couldnt start in most of the NFL, an unproven RB corps.

And you say that he's gonna make the playoffs next year?


ok whatever you guys are smoking, dont Bogart it, pass it along! :bong:

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