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GQ: Donovan McNabb Helps Us Make Sense of His a) Wildly Successful, or b) Oddly Disappointing NFL career


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Great great article. Includes lots of exclusive quotes, and plenty of Philly bashing to boot. Profanity laden, for those of you who care.

Read it here

Some highlights:

Let's go back to the beginning. Look at it from McNabb's POV. It is 1999. You are 22 and a stud quarterback out of Syracuse. The Eagles are primed to pick you #2. But Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell thinks his team should take Ricky Williams instead. He–the ****ing mayor!–organizes a protest call-in that brings down the Eagles communications system.

In Philadelphia, the two-eyed man is king because everyone else is bat-**** crazy. Philly sports legends include a man who war danced over an unconscious Frank Gifford (Chuck Bednarik), a chaw-choking outfielder/accused fraudster (Lenny Dykstra), and a practice adverse point guard who urinated into a trash can at an Atlantic City casino (Allen Iverson). McNabb's major malfunction was his sanity. There were no arrests, just Campbell's Chunky Soup commercials with his mom.

By then, Philly and McNabb had devolved into a loveless marriage between a rageaholic and his long-suffering spouse.

This is just from the first few paragraphs, its like a 6 page article. Good stuff GQ, good stuff.

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At least they didn't have him wearing some white skinny jeans, looking fruitier than a box of Apple Jacks.

ahahhahahaa could be worse...


But hey, honestly I'm really happy that Donovan has chilled out on all the Philly-love and begun to stood up for himself a little bit.

In printed words, it's really hard to tell how he was saying the things he was saying... But it makes me feel good that he is beginning to distance himself from that city and the people that he left behind.

It's probably much stranger for him to be wearing a Redskins' jersey than it is for the fans and everyone else... and an article like this makes me feel like the guy is really starting to embrace his new team.

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