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Pictures from the Cheap Seats: Skins vs Ravens


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Beautiful pics as usual clarence3. What was your setup?
Excellent shots! What sort of equipment were you using. If you were in cheap seats, which the angle seems to show, it must have been a very long lens. I'd be curious to hear what you were using. Thanks.

These were with a Canon Rebel 500D/T1i and a 100-400L lens. I have the Rebel as a 3rd camera... I really like the small size and high ISO performance. Typical EXIF was ISO 3200-6400, Av f/5.6, SS ~1/1000".

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Great Pics! Thanks for sharing.

Two things became very clear viewing these, I'm not a photographer and I need a better camera :D

ME TOO!!!! I have the same camera as he does and Im in the LL and I cant get photos that good...Need some tech help understanding how to set-up these SLR cameras......HTTR

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Need some tech help understanding how to set-up these SLR cameras......HTTR

Make sure you get out of the "green box" Auto mode. The Sports mode ("running man" icon) really isn't much better.

This is going to sound more complicated than it really is, but once you actually try it, you'll see that it's not hard at all. Two main things to remember...

- Av mode

- ISO adjusted so shutter speed ends up around 1/1000"

The key is to use Aperture Priority ("Av" on the dial) and spin the top dial to the lowest number your lens will give you. On most lenses, this will be f/3.5 - f/5.6 when zoomed in. On the more expensive lenses, you'll get f/2.8 or even lower. But all of my pictures above were f/5.6, so take what your lens will give you... this will give you the fastest shutter speeds possible, minimizing motion blur.

The camera will figure out the rest, but the only other thing you need to do is pick a high enough ISO to make sure it gives you a shutter speed around 1/1000".

At a night game like this, you'll probably need ISO 3200 or ISO 6400 (like all the pictures above). A few years ago this would've been laughable, but the cameras in the past year or so have really gotten much better at high ISO.

During a day game, ISO 400 will usually be fine. With lights at a typical high school field, you'll probably have to max it all the way up to 12800.

For the other settings, switch the AF mode from One Shot to "AI Servo". AWB is fine. And JPG is fine.

If you get the fever to buy a new lens, you can spend a whole lot of money (guilty), but for 99.44% of fans at games like this, or moms/dads on soccer or lacrosse sidelines, Canon has a cheap little lens (~$250) called the 55-250mm IS. It's relatively small, relatively light, and has Image Stabilization. It's a great place to start unless you want to spend 2x-5x more.

Ditto on the Canon Rebel T1i/T2i. Since you already have one, don't be in a rush to upgrade... the more expensive cameras will still depend on needing the right exposure settings.

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Those pictures were great, Clarence. Thanks again for sharing.

**I think we should have you teach a photography class for Extremeskins photo-tech challenged.**


Personally need to learn something more than just point and shoot. Especially with the seats I have this time around!

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