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How do you make Redskins fans go crazy for the Cowboys and Skins Week 1 game?

Tom [Giants fan]

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Wow! 3 more weeks? I'm going to die.

Ms. Hill looking great as ever.

I know a lot of my friends in my section sell their tickets for this game to Cowboys fans to help take a little of the edge off the invoice. But I hope with all the excitement about Shanahan and McNabb that we'll have more Skins fans this time.

Actually, I don't even care, watching the Cowboys fans cry is fun, too. And the Skins fans that are there can still make enough noise.

God, I can't wait!!!

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Tom, if you're a real fan of the Redskins, you dont need anything to get you pumped for this game. First game of the season, opening night, nationally broadcast game, new coaches, new GM, new personnel, McNugget,...etc, etc, etc...

The only thing that would make it better would be the Monday Night football theme playing over the PA system giving me the chills like it always does. I'll take sunday night though, this team has done nothing at all to deserve playing on national TV, shame I'll miss it by being there!


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