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Anyone know where I can have a picture blown up to wall size?

big walt

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Working on my redskins man cave. Getting the paint today. I am leaving one wall for a fed ex stadium mural. I took a very nice picture at the stadium and want to blow it up. Wall size, I say maybe 8'x15'. Anyone know where I can get this done at?

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If you're gonna spend the money to blow it up that large, you might see if there's a large format photographer looking for a quick job or better an advanced hobbiest with you buying his materials, that way you'll have a lot more detail and the final product will look a whole lot better than a snapshot or even good but smaller professional photo.

Here's a large format printer with some info on digital photos dunno if your photo is 35mm or digital:


It's pretty hard to blow anything under say 8 megapixels up past about 13"x15" or so without the end result looking fuzzy. For wall sized stuff you'll either have to use large format photos or probably have some pixelation.

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