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They need to trade AH to the Jets for D. Revis.

Would love to see fat boy player getting along with fat boy coach.

Only thing is then we have to deal with the Revis contract, and we have a logjam at CB. If anything, we need to trade Al for a real 3-4 DE or a LB, or maybe a WR.

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IMO, the only trade the Skins will get is from a team or coach that Fatty has played under or with prior to the Redskins. The types of coaches that think they can get him to play for him. So we can eliminate Schwartz in Detroit.. because he's publicly come out and said they're not going to do it. Who else is left outside of the obvious Fisher?

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You can't possibly believe when both of their heads are on straight, and both are healthy, that Jenkins is better than Haynesworth could you?

Yes I do lets see KJ= 4 time pro bowler in 7 seasons compared to Fat AL's= 2 pro bowls in 8 seasons.

I'd take Jenkins over Al all day, JMO!

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