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Panel's Preseason pretenders and contenders (week 3 preseason)


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I like to start with the good stuff, so here are the contenders.


D-Line- Thats right, I'm choosing the entire Defensive Line after this one. Martin Chase played awsome, and we proved we can shift DE inside to get a rush going if needed too. We were pushin them around and they were pass pressured, and stumped on the run.

Arrington- Same old LaVar.

Brian Barker- Sorry Leaverton, you just arn't as good as Barker. pencil him in as our guy.

C. Mortan- He looks more and more likely to get to be the 3rd down back.

Ramsey- calm, and in control, he had a sweet game.

P. Johnson- Pencil him in, he is a LOCK to make the team. ST and WR.

Coles- Blazing speed

McCullough- I'm hesitent to put him here because of the fumble, but other than that, he did great.

Wood****- He did pretty good.

Werful- Did the best he could with the amount of chances he got.

Now, the Pretenders:

Elisara- Why even humour him by keeping him on our roster this long, his peneltys drive me insane

Rob Johnson- Does he run out of the pocket just so everyone can see him run, and try getting a bett completion to interseption ratio.

Todd Franz- He really has no shot to make the team.

Leaverton- Sorry Leaverton, you got beat out.

L. Betts- Lets hope his just rusty.

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Things to add to this, i think Clifton Smith and Ade Jimoh are contenders. Jimoh was down there for coverage on the punt but took the block in the back plus he looks capable of playing some solid corner. Smith has a whole bunch of talent. Check out some scouting reports from his days at Syracuse, especially his junior year his senior year was bad thats why he was undrafted. But that INT he had was textbook, dropping back in coverage get low so the QB cant see you play off the guy a little bit make the qb bite on the throw then rise up and make the sweet grab.

As for people thinking Betts is some bigtime power back, Canidate is definitly running better even in between the tackles. Ive never seen that much power in Betts, though tonight he was bad i think cause of rust. But you gotta keep Sultan.

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Werful- Did the best he could with the amount of chances he got.

4 for 4. Not bad for a guy so many here rag on. While he will never be a great QB due to his size and weak arm. Put him behind a great O line and he can be very effective.

And yes, we have to find a way to keep the Sultan, and I don't mean the practice squad. No way he clears the waiver wire.

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