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One more quarter for us to get through.....

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As fans, we sit on the edge of our seats during the preseason watching the new guys play. See the veterans play and improve thinking of what is going to be in the coming season. But the biggest thing we think and hope for is that our starting players don't get seriously injured. The Giants have some injuries but nothing that won't heal in the next two weeks. The Skins lost a DT but I believe that is it.

So, with one more preseason game left for our teams, the starters will play one quarter at the most of the final preseason game this coming Thursday and Friday. I for one, can not wait for that first quarter to be over Thursday night in Baltimore and hope the Giants walk out without any serious injuries. I am sure you guys are thinking the same way about the Skins game.

Let's just get this preseason over already!!!!

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