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My Prediction -- 3-0 Season Start!


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Don't look here for the punch line -- there isn't any.

And don't try labelling me a "homer" either. I'm not predicting that we reach the Super Bowl, or even that we win the NFC East (although I'm hopeful that we'll be in the running till the end).

There are two reasons why I'm especially optimistic about the first 3 games.

1. The pre-season panic is not justified.

SOS hasn't been showing anything of our true offensive capabilities. Coles looks fantastic, with Gardner damn fine also. Nobody knows how to game-plan against our O yet. Our D won't be as problematic as folks think, either. Lightweight DTs like Cowsette and Wynn wear out as the season progresses, but can hold their own for several games. Our D-line will give our fantastic back 7 (well, 6 out of 7) enough protection for them to shine for several games.

2. The stars are aligned in our favor for the first 3 games.

The Jets are well coached but have lost a few of their best to us, and their DL is not yet at full strength. That works strongly in our favor. Atlanta will fight hard without Vick, but obviously they are not nearly as strong without him as they were with him. And the Giants are coming off a short week for their visit to FedEx. Normally that's not such a big deal, but I think it is this time. This early in the season there will be very little for other teams to go on in game-planning their D against our O. IMO our O will be special enough that specific adjustments and tricks will be important for another team to try to stop us. The fact that it's only week 3, compounded by the short week, will make it that much more difficult for the Giants D to make the adjustments needed to combat our O effectively.

That's why I believe we will start 3-0.

After that all bets are off. The next 3 games are against very strong opponents without any special advantages for us.


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I made this original post just before our 3rd preseason game.

I still believe it.

Since I posted that we played and looked great in our 3rd preseason game. And since I posted that Pennington got injured, which IMO is doubly unfortunate -- for him because he's a good guy, and for us because I think it would mean more to us to beat them while he was playing.

Also, our D-line has been reinforced since then. Cowsette has since been cut because he wasn't even good enough to be our backup.

My only second thoughts are that I'm a little anxious about how this team will play in the rain.


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