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Special Team Sports NFC South Preview

By Kenny Warren


(Courtesy Photo)

So I’m sitting here playing with my beautiful daughter, listening to Barenaked Ladies, and watching Sportscenter. A typical morning for Daddy Day Care!!! As I stare at my baby girls beautiful smile and begin to realize how much I’m going to miss her when I go to Korea for a year I still can’t help but to have football on the mind. More specifically I’m sitting here wondering just how good the NFC South will be this year, and how I can get the word underwear in this post. My colleague and I were rating the divisions a few weeks ago and I had the NFC South as the third worst division in the league. Like many other times before we disagreed because he didn’t think that the division with the defending Super Bowl champs could be the third worst division. As I look back now I think that he may be right. As it stands right now I see the South with two potential playoff teams, the Saints and the Falcons. Lets take a more in depth look at each team and where they can potentially finish in this division.

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