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NBCsports.com's Ron Borges looks at the Redskins upcoming season......

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The following is a preview of the Redskins upcoming season by Ron Borges of nbcsports.com. The following link will bring you to all of his previews and predictions for each team in case you are interested in his opinion. I don't know why you would be but it is football related.


’Skins hope new remodeling pays off

New players on offense key to Washington’s hopes


The first order of business for the Redskins when training camp opens will be to introduce each other and learn everyone’s name. After that they can get down to the difficulties of building a team that signed 13 new free agents, including eight on offense.

(The following is a survey they have on the site of the NFC East teams in case any of you wanted to vote and bring the Skins at least ahead of the Cowboys?? :doh: Must be a lot of Cowboy fans reading what this guy writes.)

Who will win the NFC East?

* 10584 responses









OWNER DAN SNYDER OBVIOUSLY doesn’t believe much in chemistry, because this is the second time he has done a wholesale remodeling job. It didn’t work well in its first incarnation, but perhaps this time will be the charm.

The biggest acquisitions were on offense, where Snyder raided the New York Jets for four players to help coach Steve Spurrier put together an offense he could be proud of. The biggest gamble was the signing of restricted free agent wide receiver Laveranues Coles to a contract with a $13 million signing bonus. That’s salary cap suicide if Coles doesn’t continue to play as he did last year in his breakthrough season. Coles has the deep speed Spurrier needs to make his Fun ‘n Gun offense work and he won’t be alone. Also brought in were veteran flyer Patrick Johnson and No. 2 pick Taylor Jacobs, who grew up in the Spurrier system at Florida. That gives young quarterback Patrick Ramsey a greatly improved receiving corps to work with, especially when you add holdover Rod Gardner, who should find huge holes in the middle with Coles stretching defenses deep.

Yet Ramsey has started only five NFL games, so no one can be sure if he’s the answer yet at quarterback. Spurrier must believe he is, because he’s young and the best he’s got, but will he improve fast enough this summer to suit Snyder? If Ramsey doesn’t, Snyder will go after a veteran quarterback next offseason — if not sooner.

Washington also will be rebuilding the interior of its offensive line after signing Randy Thomas, Dave Fiore and Lennie Freidman to take over at the guard spots. Thomas and Fiore are the expected starters, but Fiore must prove this summer he can stay healthy.

The death of the power running game that made Stephen Davis a star and reminded so many of the days of yore when John Riggins was still running for the Redskins are over. Davis was let go, and the Redskins made a trade to bring in Trung Canidate from the Rams. He is an entirely different style of runner, and that’s what Spurrier wants. He wants to run draws, screens and get outside, and Canidate has the speed to do it. Yet Canidate never proved a thing with the Rams except that he wasn’t good enough to help them after Marshall Faulk was injured last season. Will new scenery help? It had better because Washington was 5-1 in games in which it ran more than it threw last season despite Spurrier’s insistence on doing it the other way around.

This is Year 2 of The Spurrier Experiment. He has improved receivers and a back more to his stylistic liking. Now he has two months to get them ready to prove they can make a difference.


Steve Spurrier has a big contract and a big ego, but he also has a big problem. His boss has spent millions to give him better weapons on offense. Now he has to make them work in a hurry, because Dan Snyder is not a patient man. Last year the Redskins shuffled quarterbacks almost weekly before finally settling on Ramsey, ultimately finishing 20th in the NFL in total offense. Now Spurrier has eight new faces on offense and a new coordinator in Hue Jackson, so there’s less room to make excuses about the talent he has. Now it’s the offense that has to work.


Rebuild the defensive line. Washington lost defensive tackles Daryl Gardner and Carl Powell in free agency and will go with Dan Wilkinson and Brandon Noble. Noble will occupy two blockers and a lot of space, but will either of them make plays? Regardless, new defensive coordinator George Edwards has big shoes to fill replacing Marvin Lewis, who left with Powell for Cincinnati. Edwards also has to keep another big pair of shoes, those belonging to future Hall of Famer Bruce Smith, satisfied with a situational role as a pass rusher now that free agent Regan Upshaw was brought in to play every down.


Keep an eye on young wide receiver Darnerian McCants. He’s young, raw and a backup, but Spurrier likes his size and speed and wants to find ways for the offense to make use of his skills. Although he is more fast than quick, McCants has good speed once he gets going, which means he can get open deep if he can get off the line of scrimmage. Spurrier has a vision of McCants and Coles stretching defenses to the breaking point.


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Originally posted by DeathByLinebacker

Nothing better than just making stuff up.

That's hilarious! lol...where the hell did he get that from?

Everyone player-hates on D. Snyder and Spurrier, because they are afraid. Snyder is gaining experience as an owner. Eventually, it will work. Ditto for Spurrier...this year could be big.

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"Steve Spurrier has a big contract and a big ego, but he also has a big problem. His boss has spent millions to give him better weapons on offense. "

Oh god forbid a coach has that problem. i can think of nothing worse to happen to a coach than an owner spend millions to give him better players. THE SEASON IS LOST!!!!!

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