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Yeah, United are a 'lock for the top 4' alright.


Still think they'll be there.

Would be absolutely delighted to be proven wrong though.

Leicester are a decent side as well. Credit where it's due. What a signing Ulloa has been.

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I will again say United's comeuppance is due after United won like 25 EPL titles under Fergie


It's time for everyone else to beat up on United now


Nothing lasts forever and United's dominance of English football was bound to end sometime. And it feels GOOD to beat up on the bully that once owned English football. 

United fans should focus their rage on United's terrible defense rather than a ref. The ref didn't do anything. It was their defense which was terrible. 

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Well, it certainly seems that Chelsea, City, and Arsenal are the class of the league and everyone else is just guessing at the moment.

Wasn't Liverpool supposed to be good this year


Is this just early league swoon or is this something to worry about


The loss of one player (Suarez) really can't be that devastating, can it? 


It can, but I'm not worried.  I'm frustrated.  I've said it before, we are going to be just fine as the season progresses, but dropping matches and points to weaker sides is beyond frustrating.  These two will hurt later in the year for sure. 

Hope the next hard shot hits this ref right the face. Another blown foul.


Oh come on with that... didn't Real score 7 yesterday?

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He's had it most every game and is keeping his cool pretty well. The altercation with the dick keeper is the first time he's remotely reacted.

But you just know when he does the media will be ALL over it and fail to mention what's gone before.


Yeah when I saw that, I was screaming for Balo to just walk away.

The GK had a point to be pissed tho

A draw in this City/Chelsea game and this will have been a perfect week

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Leicester's 5 goals


1. LB overpowered for the cross

2. RB overpowered then gives away the penalty

3. scrambled goal by Cambiasso

4. Mata overpowered at midfield to start the counter

5. Blackett overpowered to start the counter concedes a penalty


I don't really have a problem with their buys. Sometimes, you don't want to pull a Spurs and just buy to buy. Maybe they couldn't get anyone else decent on defense or midfield to sign? 


But going by what I observed in what led to the goals, Utd were soft. There wasn't anything magical tactical about it, Player A and B are competing for a 50/50 and Player A knocked you on your ass. 

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