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Well actually he turned us down because Sunil Gulati couldn't make consessions on a few key points. Namely release of MLS players for friendlies and an overhaul of the youth system in this country directed by him.

I think the "pay-for-play" system of travel & ODP soccer is working awesome! JK - I hate it, and I'm up to my ears in it.

Copied from local travel league tryout advertisement (FOR 8-year olds!) page:

"Rising U9 for the Fall Season - The team will hold joint tryouts for couple players born between August 1, 2002 and July 31, 2003 to play on a premier soccer team. We will look for dedicated, athletic and gifted players of all positions who are willing to learn, commit and compete in NCSL Travel Soccer League to reach the goal of playing Division 1. Players must work hard in practicing their skills and techniques with the team. Seneca United 2001 plays year round including Summer and Winter Indoor Seasons, Futsal, and competitive Tournaments (Potomac, Bethesda, Disney and others top tournaments). Coach **** ***** has 12 years of experience with youth soccer teams that have played in Division 1, including ...."

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Real happy for you guys.

I hope you now take the opportunity to totally restructure from the grass root's up with an experienced coach to over see it all. Don't just be looking at 2014. You need to be building so you have a consistent flow of technically sound players coming through in future generations, all playing the same way from the the senior National team right on down.


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Excellent point. One of our best players is an MLS star.
We have a problem with perception. Our MLS players are not necessarily unskilled, they are caught in a catch-22. They cannot up their game without foreign experience, and foreign governments do not consider the MSL a high enough level to hand out the visas necessary to get the foreign experience. An equally skilled young Brazilian player has no problem.
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Aren't there Osha laws banning viewing and talking about Soccer at work, since falling asleep while on the job could be a health hazard? :D

Why isn't there a forum for both ES soccerfans and visitors without papers to talk about the activity thats a riot? The bandwidth usage would be nearly nonexistent.

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I think the "pay-for-play" system of travel & ODP soccer is working awesome! JK - I hate it, and I'm up to my ears in it . . .

For some perspective... Here is the development program based on the French Federation Model of the early 90's:

In France there are 222 clubs, 40 of which are professional. The National Team Coach/Technical Director is at the top of the pecking order. He has an assistant coach who is also in charge of the B national squad. There are eleven full time coaches for the U-15, 16, 17, and 18 national teams. The federation maintains a full time National Training Center in Clairefontaine for elite players, employing eight coaches for each age group (U-12/13, U-13/14, and U-14/15).

The Federation’s objective is to prepare players early for the national team program. Six sport schools nationally are used to prepare them (Zinedine Zidane, Nicolas Anelka, Thierry Henry, David Trezequet, Lillian Thurman, and Marcel Desailly all graduated from these schools). The structure of French youth development exists because of its own success. So many talented youth players go abroad to foreign clubs each year that the clubs must constantly replenish for their own teams.

The French Head Coach is in charge of 125 coaches within 22 regions and 102 districts. Each region (and district) has a technical director and is divided into sub-regions, each with three fulltime coaches. Aime considers these three as the most important coaches. These coaches must be very intelligent and have a physical education background. Their two objectives are 1) to educate the coaches in their area, and 2) to scout talent. They go to every club to train and select the best players. The best players are then brought to the Paris National Training Centre. One hundred and twenty 11-year-old players may be invited and then cut down to 20 players by the U-13 age. The 20 top players will train for two years, preparing for the first national team level (U-15). The players spend their time attending school and soccer training, living on site all week and then returning on weekends to their homes.The objective is for the best players to compete and train with and against the best. When the players win a place in the U-15 through U-18 age groups, they come into direct contact with the Head Coach.

Thierry Henry began his training at Clairefontaine at age 13. In interviews it is clear that he credits much of his development to the training there. Within 8 years he became a World and European Champion. He stressed that he learned much about the technical and tactical aspects of soccer. Henry experienced very little physical work (weight training and conditioning) as the emphasis was on skill work, practicing over and over again until that particular skill was learned. If he performed incorrectly, it did not matter. The emphasis was on training, and no matches were played. He feels that in this way, he was allowed to develop new skills without pressure, and then was free to try these new things on the weekends with his club team.

At age 15, the Clairefontaine coaching staff increased the pressure by emphasizing that it was now important to train harder and to play at a high level in every game with your club or you would not be invited back. The result has young French players playing all around the world in the highest level leagues and enjoying great success.

Christian Damiano ( the then former French National team sweeper and Jean Tigana’s assistant coach at Fulham at that time) talked about Clairefontaine. Henry and Anelka arrived at Clairefontaine when they were 13 and already had good balance and co-ordination.They were educated before they had bad habits and for three years they did technical work.The way the coaches improved them, and the other players, is simple. They concentrated on technique and repeat exercises many times”

In French soccer, work the same as in school. Players go through the alphabet and they have to learn each letter because if you put them into a group it can be discouraging. Also, players are never left alone; the coach always knows where they have reached with their training.

Up until they are 16, the French work only on individual technique. The relationship is just the ball and the player to improve control touch, and passing. Players need complete control over the ball before moving on to tactics and strategies, when to pass and when not to.

If you do not have a good touch with both feet, you will waste time with your head down, worrying about the ball and the moment is lost. This thinking is central to French soccer philosophy. The size and strength of potential players is not considered important until they are into their late teens when they are built up with specific exercises for muscles used in games.

This has been the long-standing criticism on English football, where there has been too much emphasis on a youngster’s physique, not enough on technique.

France has a very good structure for spotting talented young players and have regional coaches so they are picked up early. This feeds into the development system and it works efficiently.

It's a abbreviated excerpt of a much longer analysis.

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Rumor is that Klinsmann will be announced this afternoon.


By Michael Lewis

TropiGol.com Editor

Juergen Klinsmann is the man.

U.S. Soccer selected the former German international striker and coach to succeed Bob Bradley as U.S. National Team coach, according to a reliable source in the U.S. soccer community.

Klinsmann could be announced as coach as early as Friday.

Im very happy.

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rumor is that klinsmann will be announced this afternoon.


by michael lewis

tropigol.com editor

juergen klinsmann is the man.

U.s. Soccer selected the former german international striker and coach to succeed bob bradley as u.s. National team coach, according to a reliable source in the u.s. Soccer community.

Klinsmann could be announced as coach as early as friday.

Im very happy.

booooyaa! Revamp the crap out of the youth system.

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My father called it after the world cup, I guess they were just waiting for after the gold cup.

I was really hoping the coach could have been Hugo Sanchez I think he got short-changed with Mexico.

Dream coach is Ricardo La Volpe, he is doing some great things with Costa rica.

...oh well

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Also Goodison from what Im hearing. Hoping to see some of the young guys coming up out of the youth teams. Some of them look to be pretty good.

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Interesting: http://www.ussoccer.com/News/Mens-National-Team/2011/08/Klinsmann-Calls-In-22-Players-to-Face-Mexico-on-Aug-10-in-Philadelphia.aspx

Positioning is interesting as well, I like the idea of trying Donovan and Adu at forward.

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It looks like Tottenham outside if Ian Darke isn't doing the game

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Game also on Univision. Looking forward to some GOLLLLLLLLLLLL


LOL, I f-ing love when he says that! SEEEEE LAAAAAAAA

lol. Pablo Ramirez.

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