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Just now, TryTheBeal! said:

Tottenham is absolutely crushing it right now.

Jose M is one of the five coaches profiled in The Playbook on Netflix.


Worth a watch although it’s pretty much a PR piece. I liked the one on Doc Rivers.

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1 hour ago, ixcuincle said:

Got to love NBC putting this game behind a paywall on Pea****. Bunch o' bollocks, as the scousers would say.


Biggest game of the year behind a paywall lol


If you have an American Express card, check your account's Amex offers. A lot of them have 4.99 off a 4.99 purchase for Pea**** up to 3 times, which is basically 3 months free.



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Barcelona and Messi are the Club I notionally root for, because I got into La Liga a few years back, but the decline of the team has been sad.  Talented enough for La Liga, but haven't been good enough in Europe.  Messi is so talented... but so is Mbappe.  


Does Mbappe strike it like Ronaldo or Messi?  No, but his athleticism and footwork are fantastic.  Today's hat trick felt like a statement.  

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