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First min to the ref. Maybe it technically was the correct call, but it was weak.

Next 25 or so were taken by the Spurs and Liverpool got the end of the half. Spurs giving up too many corners and not generating enough shots on goal. Liverpool seems content to defend and play off the counter... not sure if it still is 65-35 but that was possession at one point.

And happy that we are getting the BT announcers.... not the American announcers.

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There’s no consistent connection between Liverpool’s midfield and forwards. Spurs are doing well to deny them space in middle. Liverpool look outnumbered.


Firmino doesn’t look match sharp

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13 minutes ago, Berggy9598 said:

Kinsey_Sue is the pitch invader's Instagram handle. Yw. 


The game meeds more of her. The players are not entertaining


Maybe Origi running around like an athletic headless chicken will provide some entertainment.

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Alisson made everyone forget about Karius today.  Some critical saves.... one on Erisken's FK was probably his best -- he was clearly the man of the match.


I do have to agree with Holden's assesment on the PK -- once the whistle is blown nothing to say it shouldn't have been a "clear and obvious" PK, but I still think swallowing the first whistle would have been best. It did change the tempo of the match --- but Liverpool clearly played better when they wanted to.

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Not sure that final didn't set English football back to the 80s, but who really cares.


Tactically I think Potch got it right with the 5 man midfield, that was always going to disrupt the flow our our midfield 3, but no one really looked arse to do anything but let Mo and Mane run onto long balls after the early pen.  We wanted it more.


Klopp got everything right with his subs.  Would've liked to have seen Ox get on, but I thought Gomez was the right sub and you have to leave the Scouser on the pitch til the end.


What a night.  Didn't sleep much, just made a great dinner and hung out with the fam with a big smile on my face.


Love this club and all of the reds in this thread.  We've had a hell of a journey, and loyalty when rewarded is second to nothing.


Standing by with bail money if we have to grab our brother out of a Spanish prison.



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