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Yeah I don't really like these overhyped training sessions. I understand the appeal of seeing the big European teams and stars but the prices are to ridiculous. I went to the AC Milan Chelsea game in Baltimore back in 09. It was an alright game but wasn't worth the price I paid.

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Ya, 3 retakes. The keeper stepped off of his line twice in a row, then got a yellow for yelling at the linesman. Keeper stopped the first two, but not the last one. The guy taking the kicks for the first two didn't take the last one, then was subbed out shortly after! Turn around, DC United got a PK on the other end for a hand ball.

Been kind of a weird match, but entertaining, which is awesome since this is the first MLS match I've watched in a while.

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3 re-takes? Darn, how'd that go down man?


It was 2 re-takes, 3 kicks total.

Kenny Cooper did a stutter step both times he attempted the PK and Hamid came off his line early both times and then Portland's coach had Jewsberry take the 3rd PK (made it with ease), and Cooper was visibly upset. Then about 2 mins later Cooper was pulled out of the game.

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Lots of international soccer starting this weekend.

England-Switzerland (Euro qualifier) today at 1130am on FSC

USA-Spain (friendly) today at 430pm on ESPN

Then of course there is the


Winner gets a spot in the 2013 Confederations Cup.

USA is in a group with Canada, Panama, and Guadeloupe.

Our schedule for group play:

USA-Canada Tuesday, 6/7 at 8pm on FSC (from Detroit, MI)

USA-Panama Saturday, 6/11 at 8pm on FSC (from Tampa, FL)

USA-Guadeloupe Tuesday, 6/14 at 9pm on FSC (from Kansas City, KS)

Quarterfinals are June 18-19. If the USA wins or gets 2nd in their group they will play June 19 at RFK.

Semifinals June 22 @ Reliant Stadium. Final June 25 @ the Rose Bowl.


2011 Women's World Cup starts the end of this month. USA is in a group with North Korea, Colombia, and Sweden.

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red does not make those uniforms look any better.....shame on you Nike

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can someone tell me why Bob plays Kljestan........

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And this is just plain embarrassing. Everyone just ball watching. Bench the whole ****ing team.

I don't know what's more embarrassing:

1 the coaching

2. the playing

3. the uniforms

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