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Who here hates the "vanilla" offenses in the preseason?


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Personally, I'm just praying that the Redskins are "vanilla" on purpose right now. If we go into the season and this is all we have we are going to be in serious trouble.

I do expect this is the case, however, whether the plays we break out during the season work well enough to win will be the ultimate question.

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I for one saw a different offense while I was at Training camp. There was more going on. This preseason, there seems to be less going on during the games. I'm guessing that this is on purpose like many are. I think when the season begins, Spurriers strenghs as an offensive coach will come out. He has the knack for exposing mismatches and calling the right play at the right time. It doesn't seem like he's doing anyof that for the preseason, and In my opinion, that's smart. Just let the players line up and do the basics and see how it goes down mano a mano.

Lets face it, we've also faced some pretty tough Defenses so far, Carolina seemed like they game planned an awful lot too.

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