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Who amongst your friends are "That guy"? (Or for the females on the board, "That girl")

"That guy" can fall into a few different categories...but it struck me the other night that a good friend of mine is "That Guy." I haven't seen him much this summer, but Thursday night I met him and his wife up for a few drinks with some other people. She's a baseball fan and we were talking about how good Strasburg is when he overheard us...

"He's a punk *****!"


"He's a giant ****ing *****, he's such a *****!"


"They baby him! When he was in the minors they only let him throw, like, 50 pitches! Any good pitcher should be able to throw more than that. The hype around him is ridiculous and he's not that good, he's already hurt! All those people go out to see him and he's got a bad shoulder already?! What a ***** he is! They ****ing use him to sell so many tickets and thats what he does?"

And at this point, I can see that the hate on his face is real, he's dead serious about this...he's all steely eyed and intense looking. So I go "Well, yeah, they baby him, they don't want him to blow his arm out from over use...there's a natural progression baseball teams use to protect pitchers from overuse...and someone like that who throws as hard as he does, there's a lot of strain on that arm...they're gonna do whatever it takes to make sure he stays on the field for the long run, especially since they've invested a ton of money in him."

"Whatever!! He's a giant *****, he's not that good, and the hype around him is ridiculous! They use him to sell tickets!" (Yes, the using him to sell tickets was part of his argument, he'd repeat this several times...no, I don't think he was drunk.)

"Well the hype's not his fault, he can't really control what's said about him...all he can really do go out every start and just do his best"

"But he's such a douchebag!! There's so much ****ing hype around him!!"

So his wife and I start laughing at him and I go "Dude, by all accounts he's a really nice kid and not a douchebag....why are you such a hater?"

"Cause the ****ing hype is just too much!! They're USING HIM TO SELL TICKETS...they're USING HIM!"

"Well..yeah..." And then it just hit me, I leaned back in my chair and was just like "Dude, you're THAT guy."

"What are you talking about?"

"You're THAT guy...you're that guy who hates anything popular or with any amount of hype."

"YEAH? Like what?"

"Uhhh, any popular movie that's been out in the past few years? You already made up your mind you were gonna hate Dark Knight before you saw it cause you couldn't see Heath Ledger playing the Joker."

And it went back and forth. So I kept calling him "That Guy" for the rest of the evening :D

So who are some of your friends or co-workers that are "That Guy"? And what kind of "That Guy" are they?

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hahaha I love classifying people as "that guy" or "that girl"

With my friends, we usually have different levels. Sometimes it's ok to be it, other times, not so much.

In your instance, your friend was being "that guy" that it's definitely not ok to be.

I was at a party earlier this summer, and this girl I've known for quite a while, became belligerently drunk, extremely loud. You know the type, haha. She was making a complete fool of herself bragging about how much she'd had to drink (4 shots). It was great though, her name for the rest of the night was "that girl"

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I've noticed over time that "That Guy" is usually a drunken coke head. Always loud, always arguing on the negative side, always trying to put others down. Always talks about how he'd kick people's asses if they tried this or that, always yells his cuss words, and most importantly...can't stand to not have the spotlight on him at all times.

Belligerent, always around, acts like he's the WWF champion. I've seen "That Guy" get his ass handed to him a few times, and I've had to kick a couple of their asses myself.

One time "that guy" got mad at me for not HELPING him fight someone he sucker punched. Not only that, but "that guy" ALREADY HAD someone helping him. It was 2 on 1 and he was mad that I didn't make it 3 on 1. First of all, I just met him that night and secondly, I don't like street fighting like "that guy" does. He got in my face and tried picking a fight with me for 3 minutes until I started walking away and he threw a right hook at me. I turned around and still blocked it, then lit him up and broke his nose. Tell you what, I've been in a pretty good amount of boxing and kickboxing matches...that was the most satisfying fight I ever had.

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My that guy is my friend Chris. He is my season ticket partner who likes to get beyond trashed at the tailgate and just yell crud to opposing fans to the point where it is just ignorant. My "that guy" likes to change the words to the national anthem trying to make me laugh and regardless of how many elbow nudges and stern "shut ups" I give him it doesnt work and just embaresses himself and especially me.

I'm waiting for someone to knock him out, i'm 6'4" and almost 300 lbs and can handle myself quite nicely. But if a Philly or Dallas fan or even a Redskin fan decided to go at it with him, i'd probably let them get a couple of smacks in before I get involved.

Ughhh preseason is starting next week, my blood pressure is starting to rise... thanks alot for this thread. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

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I've got one "That guy" friend and one who's so out there that "that guy" doesn't do him justice.

My "That Guy" friend is an odd-ball when sober. When he's drunk, he always manages to embarrass himself. Well, I would think he'd be embarrassed, but that doesn't seem to be the case. One of his more memorable quotes was "Dude, if my mom was 18, I'd totally **** her."

My other friend that is beyond "That Guy" doesn't need alcohol to do things that if you didn't see it with your own two eyes (and didn't know the guy) you wouldn't believe it. We went to a Capitals game one time, and he walked up to a random lady and asked her for a piece of her pretzel. She denied his request, but he didn't let up. He kept following her around trying to get a piece of that damn pretzel (and its not like he doesn't have plenty of money to buy his own). On our way back, at the metro station, he sat down on a bench next to some Asian woman. He started up some small-talk asking her where she was from and it was a pleasant conversation... until his crazy gene kicked in. He abruptly asked her if she wanted to smell his sock, and he proceeded to remove his show and take off his sock and pressed it into her face. She caught the next train out of there.

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My "that guy" is my old roommate... He's constantly feeling disrespected... Even when there's no reason. He's from Detroit, and apparently there's a rule that if you've never lived in the city, you're not allowed to wear Tigers, Lions, Pistons, or Red Wings gear. And even if you ARE from the city, if you haven't lived there your whole life you're not allowed to wear it.

He'll get angry if someone's looking at him, or if someone tries to strike up a friendly conversation. Hell he almost got into a fight with someone after THEY COMPLIMENTED HIS PADRES JERSEY....

The conversation went like this:

"Hey man, nice jersey"

"Yeah it is, what you know about it?"

"I've just never seen that kind of jersey (It was the old brown padres jersey)"

anyway it went on for like 10 minutes of him just being a DB to this guy for no reason...

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yeah i know that bamma. this guy at my old job was like that. it's ok to be different, it's ok to not go with the crowd. but to go out of your way to be different, and to not give popular things a chance, and curse everything and everybody that is popular is just crazy. those are the guys that hated biggie AND tupac.

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A good buddy of mine in college was like that.

We just called him "The Hater."

He would always complain about everything, or try and shut down everything. Sports, TV, movies, class, anything we were doing in our fraternity, etc. Just so negative all the time, but he never had any real solutions to anything he complained about.

The worst was watching football with him. If we weren't talking about FSU or Tampa Bay, then he'd probably say how overhyped that player or team was. And he'd go on about things forever, just picking the smallest arguments to keep making his point.

He's in law school now. He will be the most obnoxious lawyer to have to deal with, that I'm sure of.

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"That Guy" is my co-worker. Says Brett Favre is overrated, McNabb is a poor excuse for a QB, Drew Brees is a system QB, Shannahan is a terrible coach and the worst in the NFC, Sean Taylor was a thug and deserved it because if you "live by the gun you die by the gun", there is many more but this was JUST THIS WEEK!

He is a Giants fan because he hates the Eagles, Mets because he hated the Phillies, and Devils because he hates the Flyers lol.

Yup, "That Guy".

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I used to have a friend that was "that guy".

Cowboys fan, made an ignorant comment after the S.T. shooting, and "that guy", no longer exists in my mind. Should have known better than to associate myself on a personal level with a Cowboys fan.

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Yeah' date=' That Guy is me.[/quote']

You too? I feel like "that guy" sometimes. Mostly when the wife and I want to go to the movies. Everything is either a remake, a comic book movie, an old TV show movie, or just plain crap that I shoot them all down and end up sitting through the one that seems the least like a turd. I didn't used to complain about that kind of stuff. I wonder if it's because I'm getting old or just because there's so much crap lately? Things used to not suck! :beavisnbutthead:

He's in law school now. He will be the most obnoxious lawyer to have to deal with, that I'm sure of.

I thought all lawyers were like that.

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You too? I feel like "that guy" sometimes. Mostly when the wife and I want to go to the movies.

Tell her you don't really like going to the movies. Buy a big tv, and a dvr. Life is grand. Then the movies she wants to see, she can go out with her girls to see. The movies I want to see, I will wait for because we get every channel that DirecTv has.

ACW is that guy.

Agreed. He is. Unless it is a stoner movie he will only like it, not love it. :evilg:

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