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I just want a competative team.....


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It's 2 weeks until the Redskins kickoff and we have all as fans & critics worn out just about every discussion GOING IN to the season(until something new happens, haha). Playoffs or No playoffs, Bailey, RB situation, D-Line etc........and what it all boilds down to for me is basically, I just want to see a competative team and a product I can be proud of on the field in 2003. Missing the playoffs because of stupid errors and idiotic penalties would be a lot more heartbreaking then missing the playoffs because we just had a brutal schedule. I really want to see Ramsey show that in a year or two he can be a franchise QB. This is his first year as THE GUY and I expect him to stumble along the way which is perfectly fine, however where guys like Frerotte never improved, I hope Ramsey hurdles some of those stumbling blocks and shows us why most of us have a lot of faith in him. I want to be able to put the last 3 years of complete frustration behind us and show signs that we are on the upswing.

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It's been more than a decade of frustration to my way of thinking.

The mediocre play and bonehead mistakes have brought me to the point where I barely have a favorite Redskin player. I've reached the point where I don't care who's at any particular position so long as I see them playing hard, caring about the game and winning.

If that means having a Rob Johnson or Danny Weurrfel start over Ramsey, that's o.k. with me so long as we win.

Let's face the sad truth...expansion Cleveland and the usually hapless Falcons have passed us by on the way to the playoffs. We, on the other hand, have a collection of players living off their press clippings.

While he's not my favorite guy, Al Davis had it right when he said, "Just win, baby!".

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It's been a long cold winter for Skins fans. It's not like we're Bengals fans, who know from the start that their team sucks. We actually think we have hope. The Skins are perennial teases. They act like they can play and then as soon as you get your hopes up, they fall apart.

The last 10 years or so have been hard.

But I'm not ready to throw in the towel just because they stink it up this year. I'm expecting them to struggle. I hope they are competitive, like NoCal says, but it won't break my heart if they go 8-8. They're young. Talented, but young.

It's funny. Everyone knows that the Skins have fatal flaws, like a lousy DL and inexperienced QB and a brutal schedule, that will keep them doing much. But I can't help hoping the if the Pats can win a Superbowl with an unheralded rookie QB, and the Ravens can win one with no QB at all, the Skins still have a prayer.

Skins in '04! And maybe, just maybe, if they sneak into the playoffs, Skins in '03! (Damn, they got me again!)

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Amen to that!

Dispite all the offseason aquisitions and talk of improvement my confidense in this team and this organization is at an all time low.

The skins have been reformed and reshaped just about every which way you can imagine for the past ten years with vertually no net gain in the win/loss/repectability columns.

I have become a doubter!

The only thing I feel confident about is that this team will struggle again this year just to place in the middle of the pack.

And the middle of the pack would be fine if they could manage to do it without all of the mental breakdowns, the stupid penalties, the bonehead timeouts, the vile special teams play and the shooting themselves in the feet that generally accompanies any Redskins effort these days because that would mark an improvement of some kind!!!

Until then I will continue to doubt that this years model has many more smarts and cajones than last years model.

"Just show me, Baby"!............. just show me.

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the key to winning in a true team sport is stability. you can go out in the NBA and acquire a star player and go from 22 wins to 55 wins.

that is much more difficult in relative terms in the NFL.

that's why most successful clubs use the draft and add talent to an existing core that has played TOGETHER for a number of years.

players on the second tier and periphery leave in free agency, but for the most part the core stays intact.

from this you get the kind of execution and familiarity with systems that translates into fewer penalties, fewer blown timeouts and fewer mental breakdowns.

The Redskins need to get off the roller coaster and keep key guys in place at QB, RB, WR and OL for more than one season :)

And on defense the club has to rethink its strategy of building from the back seven in and instead reload with thoughts to beefing up the front four and perhaps jettisoning a salary or two in the LB and DB corps to make it happen via draft and FA.

that may mean letting Smoot go in FA when his contract is up and looking to subtract a guy like Trotter if his performance over time does not come up to match his contract.

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We bash on the Eagles, but over the last five years, their front office approach has been better than ours. They've drafted well from top to bottom, and have been ruthless about letting even beloved FA's go rather than overpaying to keep them. I think they should change some things they do, but overall it's been a better approach versus ours, and it shows.

Our decline over the last decade is traceable to two things: Gibbs departure and JKC's decline and death. Gibbs was as brilliant and capable as they come, and he always got the most from his players. A lot of front office/organization problems were solved/disguised with him on the sidelines. When he left, JKC was already in decline, and was in no position to will the team to victory like he had been only a dozen years before when he made the daring move to hire Gibbs, "the unknown Chargers assistant".

That led to the Petitbone debacle, and to a lack of accountability with Norval who was supposed to be a Gibbs-like hire. Then as Norval was starting to stagnate here, JKC died and the status of the team was in disarray with a weak hand - John Kent Cooke's - on the wheel. The subsequent sale of the team, and Snyder's repeated purges up until a year ago have only continued the instability.

In short, I agree with bulldog. Our last decade has not befitted the organization's proud history. But I have to disagree with the initial thought about merely wanting "competitiveness", whatever that means. Our record is roughly .500 over the last 6-7 years. That's competitive, and I'm sick of that.

I'm ready for some winning. :)

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I believe this is a pivotal year. I don't believe Spurrier will hang around if the team pulls a 6-10 or 7-9. And to be honest, if that happens, I'm not sure I want him to stay. I loved the guy as a college coach, but in the NFL it's progress or die.

And if Spurrier leaves, then Daniel Snyder has to take a long, hard look at the way he's been trying to build a winner. He sure hasn't gotten much bang for his buck.

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The League has done their best to make it nearly impossible to maintain a team. And they did it on purpose, to spread the talent around and let every team have a shot a the SB.

I find myself at odds with my own feelings. My natural tendancy is to be encouraged and look forward to finally having a winning year, but the last decade has, as so many of you pointed out, difficult to say the least.

I'm going to have to wait and see...I really want the Redskins to have a great year. Win most of the games, and the ones that are lost should be hard fought and close. Not lost by some player taking off their helmet, or getting creamed 44 - 3.

Enough of those days!

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