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OF: Preseason Football a Love/Hate Relationship


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Personally, I love the preseason games. Always have.
I enjoy seeing people's reactions to preseason games more than the games themselves (look at the Cult of Colt for a perfect example)

I agree Hitman, like last night two Cowboy fans were texting me when they were up 16-0 against Cincy. I just texted them back, STEVE SPURRIER. They were like huh? Yeah SS 4-0 in preseason, how'd that work out? :D

I like watching the players individually but ignore the game overall. I will never pay to witness such a game ever again.

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Dallas is going to win the Super Bowl. They might want to run the ball at least once when they have first and goal at the 2, but still. They're Dallas. And they won the HOF game.

Cincinnati won't win a game. You can't throw to TO every down fer chrissakes. That team is ruined.

It's all very clear to me now.

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Well preseason is a love/hate thing for me as well, but I would like to blame the hate on fantasy football. I like to start drafting from preseason game 3 to a couple days before the season start, but once I conduct that first draft then i'm anxious for the season to start.

The preseason can be a evaluation period for fantasy football as well. Like I noticed a trend of Eli Manning targeting Mario Manningham alot during the preseason. To bad I didn't bite on it until he already blown up.

To sum it up preseason can be one of the best times of the year (for the desperate folks that is craving for football) and after 2 weeks and it be the worst experience (2 last weeks of preseason football feel like 3 months)

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