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Thoughts about the team so far...(need opinions)


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So I have been able to watch the first two pre-season games and even go to two traing camp practices and I'm sitting here being like "What's going on? Where's the Patrick Ramsey I saw play with conidence in a number of games last year as a rookie with half the amount of weapons he has now?" I like PR alot and I think he will be a great quarterback but he hasn't done anything to get me excited at all in any of the pre-seaon games. I feel like every year I get more and more excited during the off season and then I watch my beloved team fall apart as the season starts.

This year we have everything we need on offense(pretty much) and a great and high underrated defense, regardless of the DT's are dominant we can still cause some trouble with Trotter back in our revamped LB corp and a pretty solid secondary.

I'm excited about this coming season, not really enjoying watching my 'Skins play in the pre-season but I guess...

"Practice makes perfect..." right?

PS: I hate the Cowboys...seriously haha

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I think its very hard given how far we have been asked to stretch our patience with this team already, but this is essentially year one of the Spurrier/Ramsey regime so we are being asked to be patient yet again. From my perspective playoffs this year would be a wonderful shock, frankly I'm hoping to have 6 wins or more with a strong finish heading into 2004

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It is sad but going back to perhaps 1992, there has not really been a season we entered with what we thought was a team with all the ducks lined up.

The 2000 team had some name brand sizzle but we still had questions at K, OL, S, and the underachieving defensive tackles Stubby and Wilky.

There was hope of course, but it was just that. Hope.

the way the team got to 10-6 in 1999 with the second worst defense in the NFC gave pause. The acquisitions were older players still viable but past their primes.

And we had players like Westbrook, Connell, Johnson and Davis that all had breakout career years and no one knew if they would repeat their performances.

As it turned out only Davis did in a Redskin uniform. Johnson got hurt and then looked poor before going on to his stewardship of the Bucs.

At no time did Norv ever instill the kind of confidence where you thought, boy, there is the coach that is going to get us back on the map.

Marty promised in 2001 to restore the Skins to respectability, in fact we learned later he told Snyder the team could maybe reach 11 or 12 wins :laugh:

He said all this while counting on Jeff George to be his field leader and alienating every veteran on the team by mid-summer.

Then he compounded matters with the two headed hydra of Banks and Graham at QB.

Spurrier? He talks a good game. Not as confidently as Marty perhaps (or as rehearsed :) ) but confident enough to comment on the Skins winning the East in 2002 in his first year :(

Didn't anyone ever tell him that rookies, even coaches, shouldn't come in to the NFL mouth first?

Speak softly, get up to speed and then when you have the talent on the field, let it go :D

Truthfully, Spurrier's teams have been hard to watch. the mistakes and penalties have been as bad as the Norv years and the expectations were that much higher.

Not to win a Super Bowl, perhaps, but at least to do better than 37-7 and 30-9 on national TV against the Eagles and Packers.

Spurrier has more talent this year even if the DT situation seems to show a team that is not yet set.

But on offense there are the elements of a good squad.

What is missing is the maturity and experience of playing together.

How Spurrier handles that is his biggest challenge.

Oh, that and finally putting an end to the follies on special teams :mad:

You can have average special teams and win in the NFL, but you can't have dreadful, ranked #25-30 in most categories, type of special teams and win.

And outside of Marty's one year the Special Teams have been awful since Pete Rodriguez left.

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Bulldog's nailed one thing: the special teams. Gibbs always said that if you can win two out of three phases of the game (offense, defense, and special teams), you'll win the game. For years now, the Skins have just forfeited special teams.

They took steps to get better this year with the additions of Hall and Morton, but they miss the point. Special teams isn't really about talent. It's about two things: desire and discipline.

Desire because the team that wants it the most usually wins on special teams. Are you willing to hit me harder than I hit you? With the Skins, the answer is no. If the ball hits the ground on special teams, the opposing team is the one that emerges from the bottom of the pile with the ball. That's sad, because it says this team lacks heart and desire and toughness. And that is a coaching issue.

And then there's discipline. You gotta stay in your lanes. You gotta avoid penalties (or at least getting caught -- there's a penalty on every kickoff). To me, this is a bigger coaching issue than the lack of desire. There's no excuse for ill-disciplined special teams who give up huge chunks of yardage. It's embarrassing.

It doesn't look like the Skins have gotten much better this year. There's no evidence of an increase in desire or discipline. Maybe things will look different when the scrubs aren't getting tryouts on special teams, but we've been hoping that for years.

I don't think Spurrier's cutting one marginal player for screwing up on special teams sends any kind of message. ****, Champ flubbed how many kicks last year? He's in no danger of getting cut, so let's be serious about this. Spurrier needs to get much much more involved in special teams -- and he needs to put his better players out there when necessary to get the job done.

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it's not Ramsey I'm concerned about. we expect mistakes as well as some big plays thrown in there.

what IS trouble is all the penalties and breakdowns on special teams and on the lines.

and I am talking about VETERANS on the line as much as I am about the second teamers like Elisara :)

Jansen got beaten like a noodle by Vrabel last Saturday and you will have to forgive me if my program does not list #50 as being Lawrence Taylor's younger brother :D

Thomas and Fiore unearthed very little legroom for Mr. Canidate inside. He made most of his yards with his speed to the outside.

Sneer, sneer about Canidate depending on his speed as a runner but with a more conventional into the line back the first two weeks the Skins would have fared worse than they did, although the jailbreak was not as bad in Game 2 as it was in Game 1 in Carolina.

And the special teams seem broken beyond repair. Barker actually is still standing as the team's punter at 39 after finishing dead last in the NFC in gross average and net as well.


Try and find another specialist in the NFL that finished dead last in 2002 and who is still around to be considered for the top job again in 2003.

then try and find one that is 39 years old :laugh:

Morton was complaining about the blocking and coordination. The truth is there wasn't any.

on the coverage returns, the Skins entire right side of the wedge moved inside, breaking their lanes and allowing the Pats to get outside.

the same thing was just beginning to happen in Carolina when the Panthers substituted out their starting return men. Remember that first punt return?

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