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Will I have a column in my view?


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I recently purchased seats in section 213, row 19, seats 32 and 33. I am wondering if the columns will be in the way of my vision of the field. I understand the restrictions on view due to the overhang, that does not bother me. I just hope that I do not have to sit right next to a column and have some of my vision from left to right cut off. Anybody have past experience with similar seats or any knowledge of what to expect?

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The seat numbers seem odd to me. They seem to high for that section. But they should be near the aisle and furthest from the goalposts, assuming they are correct.

There's no pillar - instead there's a wall. Can't say for sure what your view will look like. See pic:


Thank you, I will be in contact with the ticket office in order to ensure these rows do exist. Does it help that I bought them through ticketmaster? Will that gurantee their authenticity?

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