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PRESS RELEASE & ESPN 980: Colt Brennan Cut!! (AKA The Cut Of Colt) (MET)


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Well, he seemed like a cool guy, looked like he had potential in 08, then it all went downhill. I'm not part of the Cult, but I cheered for him to do something good. I have to say, he looked better coming straight out of college before Zorn got a hold of him.

Good luck CB, hopefully you catch on somewhere else, if not who the **** cares, go live in Hawaii as a local celeb. What more could you want?

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This is historic believe it or not...he had a lot of fans. Now everyone quickly predict the team that will pick him up...i'm going to say the Patriots.


classic move of theirs to pick someone up and pump them for info about the playbook.

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League source says #Redskins OC Kyle Shanahan liked Beck when he was coming out of BYU. Bad for Colt Brennan, who has been cut.

Wonder how CoC members will read between the lines of that one? LOL

They used to twist comments from K.Shanahan like none other..."Colt has put in nice work leading up to camp," would be seen as (in their eyes) "He's the starter, and McNabb will be competing for the #2."

Like I said, this is funny...but the amount of humble pie SOME of the CoC members are eating now is expected...but I'm sure they'll take their act to the CFL/UFL, or wherever he ends up...good luck to whatever team that has to endure the CoC. Let him end up in SD or NO...there will be threads about Colt unseating Rivers or Brees....hahahaha

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