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2010 Four Days of Camp, Summary by a Fan


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Putting my thoughts down...

- I didn't know Zorn installed speakers during his practices and pumped music in...err

- It's noted the practices are at a quicker pace, no vanilla and they running a ton of plays - McNabb, "We ran over a 100 plays during morning practice." My observation, they are practicing like they are a playoff team, everyone has bought in.

- Ndamukong Suh and Okung haven't signed, Trent did - looks like we made the correct move

- Ravens players are going down (Cowboys too but in a different manner)

- The Cowboys rookie Dez Bryant is injured and out 4 - 6 weeks

- Mike is letting his coaches coach and is just keeping tabs on everything/everyone.

- Mike stresses that every defensive takeaway is being counted and matters

- The defense is showing different fronts (a one man - wtf?!?!) and is disguising the blitzes

- Players rave about the defense and are excited to part of it

- The offense is showing movement and play action

- Landry shows up to camp with 20lbs more of muscle, man looks beast. His off season dedication needs to be recognized. This could be his breakout year.

- Portis arrives at camp 20lbs lighter, he looks during TC reinvigorated and crisp

- Princess Al is again a no show. But is getting it, is quoted, "Whatever Mike says, whatever Mike says. :)

- M.Kelly was sidelined again

- Portis came down hard on a passing play and limped off the field, seems to be okay finishing practice

- Landry is coming aggressive and is making hits, someone joked that a couple players aren't talking to him, Cooley said it sucks to get tackled like that on the second day of practice.

- Moss and McNabb look themselves

- T.Williams his holding his own against Orakpo

- D.Thomas is turning it up and making moves

- J.Brown has been beaten a few times, but the O line is looking solid and making holes

- Armstrong is showing he has "jets" and is making some plays

- I keep hearing Holliday's name

- Landry is getting QB pressure and INTs

- The D overall seems to be getting ahella lot INTs and take aways

- McNabb and Galloway are developing a chemistry

- Cooley has been dropping balls

- Carter is successfully covering his assignments and breaking up passes

- Grossman looks like he's knows and is comfortable w/ Kyle's offense

- Torain too, looks at home with Kyle's offense and is having a good camp

- Much to everyone's surprise, Bartel is nailing it, looking solid and is challenging The Cult for a roster spot

- L.Alexander and Carter are battling for the starting spot

- K.Moore has the starting spot, "It's his to lose."

- Carriker is having a good camp and seems to have taken PD93's spot

- Carlos is looking like he is stepping it up, has a couple INTs, seems he's buying into the system and scheme, has been blitzing and predicts he could get to 5 - 7 blitzes per game, not season

- Capers and Cook are showing why they are projects with bad technique and by looking confused at times

- Long snapper and field goal kicker are meshing, kicker is making most of his kicks, missing 1 - 3 out of 40 FGs.

- Draft picks Morris and Riley haven't been mentioned often

- Furrey and Wade are definitely in the mix battling for a spot

- B.Banks is the fan favorite underdog this year

Update, things I forgot:

- Everyone is buying in: "Months after he publicly asked to be moved, Rogers wants to stay put – that’s how strong his belief in this coaching staff has become."

- Tyrone is making a name for himself

- Moss is lining up all over the field, inferred Zorn under utilized him, lining him up at the same spot every game/play was vanilla and predictable

- Portis is a blocking machine, several times flattening people, leaving his feet and taking them out

- the intern has a fan club

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Very nice. Good job.

Thanks. Glad to have your endorsement.

The way I understand it, Bartel may need to challenge somebody else besides Colt for a roster spot since Shanny has frequently entered seasons with only two QBs on the roster...

Ahhh shoot. A question that Mike was asked and I didn't fully get in full context. "Mike, do you have any players other than QB that can throw the ball?" Something like that. I didn't get it. Thought it was in reference to gimmick plays or wild cat, dismissed it all and didn't retain the answer.

good list, have you watched every day?

Nope, am in SD. But I'm so stoked for the season, I'm reading a ton of sources and retaining much of the information.

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The way I understand it, Bartel may need to challenge somebody else besides Colt for a roster spot since Shanny has frequently entered seasons with only two QBs on the roster...

I've seen that posted a couple times over the last few days. I haven't had a chance to go back and research it, but i'm going to. You'd think he'd have to keep 3 somehow with Mcnabb being older and never being a favre type (only played 16/16 in 4 out of 10 seasons). I wonder if he might keep 2 active (5 & rex IMO), and then keep a "spare" on the practice squad. I know there are rules regarding players on the PS, but i'm not entirely sure what they all are, so i'm not sure if CB15 and Dicky B would even be eligible for the PS.

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thanks for the camp cliffs notes. who was beating jammal brown?

I like to remember reading Landy, Orakpo and Carter all got around his edge and pressured the quarter back. To Jammmal's credit, he admitted that he keeps lining up like a LT and using LT technique.

Muscle memory. That all he needs. Repetition.

Rogers catching balls... you're blind.

Maybe it's Hall who's getting a ton of INTs. Doesn't matter. Rogers is looking awesome in camp. Lots of blitzes, he's covering his assignment and he's not getting beat or biting jukes.

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