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Phish's Mike Gordon Arrested

Bassist booked for child endangerment

Phish bassist Mike Gordon, 38, was arrested Monday, August 11th, on charges of child endangerment after he was found with a nine-year-old girl in a secluded boathouse during a show by the Dead in Jones Beach, New York.

According to a statement released by Major Richard O'Donnell of the New York State Park Police, Gordon was charged with a misdemeanor count of child endangerment and trespassing. "The arrest was the result of a complaint by the mother of a nine-year-old girl," reads the statement. "The mother became concerned when she could not locate her daughter in the backstage area."

The uninjured child was reunited with her family shortly after Gordon's arrest.

According to New York's WNBC television, Gordon told police that he was taking "art photos" of the girl.

The girl's father -- who, along with Gordon, was an invited guest backstage -- has been identified as a leader of a Hell's Angels chapter. Gordon is reported to have been held by venue security and members of the motorcycle club until police arrived, with WNBC adding that the Angels "were not gentle with the sensitive areas of the rock star's body."

A joint statement credited to Gordon and the girl's family and released Tuesday by Phish's label, Elektra Records, reads, "We have had several discussions regarding the situation that occurred at Jones Beach. It is now clear to all involved that this was an unfortunate misunderstanding, and we look forward to putting this matter behind us."

Gordon is due to appear in the First District Court of Nassau County on September 29th to face the charges, which could result in more than a year of jail time, according to Rick Hinshaw, spokesperson for the Nassau County District Attorney's office. Hinshaw said the DA's office could not yet comment on the specifics of the case.

Gordon's debut solo album, Inside In, is due August 26th on Rope a Dope Records.


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