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Opinions on a fantasy trade


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I love this trade! With this new speed do you know how many times we will throw this year, and the stats Ramsey could put up.

One thing is for sure and thats that we are gonna air it out and Ramsey will have the opportunity to put up big time numbers. As far as Boston for Buress i'd take too. Buress has Hines Ward on the other side and that will steal stats from him. Boston is playing for Martyball so the first thing you think is he wont have big number. WRONG maybe not a lot of catches but a lot of yards and TD's! Boston was insane in 01 and i expect him to be back to being that good this year. He's play with Ladanian Tomilson with Lerenzo Neil i believe is his name is the awsome fullback in front of him. Marty will run a lot but he will throw that playaction in there and go deep to Boston many times as well. And teams will sell out to stop LT so Boston will be able to put up big numbers.

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I don't think I'd want to start either QB so teh real question is Boston for Buress. Boston has lingering injury issues and I think it's a bit of a crapshoot with him this year. He may have great numbers, he may pretty bad ones. And as good as Boston's 2001 was, it wasn't much better than Burress' year last year. If it's a keeper league, I say make the trade. Not making the trade is safer. Making the trade is a little bit of a gamble and the question is whether the payoff is worth the reward. I wouldn't want to have to start Ramsey early in the year.

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first, there is a whole fantasy football thread for questions like these.

second, make the trade. i'd take ramsey over fiedler and boston over burress. for many of the same reason posted.

ramsey will air it out this year and has great receivers around him. the running game is questionable, as is the defensive line, so expect pat to be throwing a lot more than jay.

boston is coming off a major injury, but the guy is all about his body and his health. he will be back in my opinion. maybe not 1500 yards, but he'll get a lot of single coverage because of LT. the one thing going for plaxico is that he is the #2 WR. yes, i said #2. hines ward is the number one guy and he'll show again this year why he is. burress will get opportunities, but even though he is the second WR he'll get double-teamed more than ward because of his size. and because they have a very shady run game teams will drop more into coverage.

make the trade. get ramsey and boston.

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