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Dez Bryant, Cowboys agree to terms. First 1st rounder signed


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I'm calling you a liar because you said claimed it was two years ago, when in fact you said it last off season and continued to point out Campbell being better through at least August 22nd which is less than a year ago, so you'll get no apology from me

The thread was started in June of 2009...predicated on the season of 2008, because the nfl season doesn't begin in JUNE of any year. Try to understand that the rating in the thread was based on performances two seasons ago...and, I'll wait for your apology.

Yes, they're the starting DE, starting ILB and starting SS and while not superstars were all direct upgrades of the players they replaced.

Again, who?

Dez Bryant and Desean Jackson.

the 40 yard dash is divided into 10 and 20 yard sections in addition to it's total time. These are used to measure how explosive a player is, not just how good their top speed is, and Dez is very, very explosive.

As for being "slow" he's also faster than some notable top WR's such as Anquan Boldin, Micheal Irvin and Jerry Rice.

I always know I've won an argument when my puke pals resort to obscure measures...:ols: Oh, and Irvin and Rice haven't been in the league for a decade or so...:rolleyes:

Face it, Dezy is SLOW.

Flozell graded out worse than Doug Free, and will now be one year older and slower when it was already obvious he was slowing down. If we were talking about the Adams of 5 years ago, I think the Cowboys would miss him. We're talking about the Adams of last year though, and Free should be an upgrade, especially against speed rushers. None of which changes the fact that Romo sits to pee didn't turn the ball over even with a very average o-line last year, you should really either catch up with the times, or stop acting like you know anything about football.

This is going to be a fun post to bring up around game three when everyone is eating Free's lunch. :rotflmao:

The Dallas secondary is of course their greatest weakness on defense, the mistake you're making though is taking that to mean they're bad. Dallas's CBs are very good, while their safety's are pretty average. The problem is that makes them the weak link compared to a front 7 that is one of the top in the NFL and includes 2 All-Pros in Ratliff and Ware, as well as Spencer who was playing at an all pro level the last half of the season and actually lead the NFL in QB hits. Any way you cut it the secondary didn't give up the big plays you said they did, you were wrong, again. I'd ask you to admit it, but history has shown that you would never admit such things and will instead misdirect or ignore it.

Spencer had a career year last year...don't expect a repeat. I suspect Ratliff, now a starter for his third year, to encounter some kind of nagging injury....it happens. As for Where, again, this guy is a product of scheme AND IF someone on the line is having an exceptional year...otherwise, he disappears.

He's absolutely overpaid. That doesn't change the fact that when healthy he is one of the toughest most violent runningbacks in the NFL.

So, I guess this makes Jerruh out to be the genius you were telling us about?


I knew better than to think he would be an all-pro, it's hard to be a go to guy when you're backing up the most complete TE in the NFL. The fact remains though, when he's on the field he improves the Cowboy's offense.

You failed to mention that he's a good blocker again....:ols::ols::ols:

Jones has been in charge of every draft since Jimmy Johnson left. In 2005 Parcells wanted to take Spears with the 1st pick and was overruled by, you guessed it, Jerry Jones. He's been listening to his scouting department and they have not lead him astray.

You truly are delusional if you think Parcells didn't control personnel on that team (with the exception of TO.) Try to be objective.

I am also completely serious about Spencer, why wouldn't I be serious about a player who was 3rd in the NFL in qb pressures and 1st in QB hits? He also was one of the tops in the league in tackles for a loss.


As for the rest Felix averaged 6.1 yards a carry and is a TD threat every time he touches the ball, Jenkins metrics show him playing at a top 10 level last year regardless of what your opinion may be. Choice has steadily produced every time he gets a chance, great value in a 4th round pick. Bueler was a meant as a joke, though he did lead the league in touchbacks as a rookie while also playing on the punt coverage unit.

Again, who are these guys. All I remember about Felix is that he had some real duds-of-a-game last year.

He disappears.

Romo sits to pee should be afraid this year. The Giants can't be as bad as they were last year...the Skins even if they stay the same will give him fits, and again, I think Philly will beat you twice this year.

Now, when you wake up from your nap and fuzzy dreams about your favorite team, come back and apologize for calling me a liar.


Yes, top 4. Given the results of last year I'd say that's pretty fair, being as the Cowboys were one of the final 4 playoff teams in the NFC and improved this off season.

I really enjoy the revisionist history you have about the Eagles losses. Going into those games you kept crowing about how badly they were going to beat on the Cowboys, how they were the hottest team in the NFC, Dallas would choke in December again. As for health, the cowboys beat them in November too, completely nullifying their "explosive" offense. Heck, for the season the Cowboys held "the best WR in the NFC east" (according to you) to 7 catches for 79 yards, which would be fine totals for 1 game, not so much for 3.

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