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BBC: Rise in African children accused of witchcraft


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Rise in African children accused of witchcraft

An increasing number of children are being accused of witchcraft in parts of Africa, the UN children's agency says.

Orphans, street children, albinos and the disabled are most at risk.


A new Unicef report warns that children accused of being witches - some as young as eight - have been been burned, beaten and even killed as punishment.

The belief that a child could be a witch is a relatively modern development, researchers say.

Until 10-20 years ago, it was women and the elderly who tended to be accused.

The agency says the rise in vulnerable children being abused in this way is linked to greater urbanisation in the continent and disruption caused by war.

The growing economic burden of raising children is also thought to be a factor.

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So much of Africa is such a disaster. It's beyond shameful that in this modern era, we can allow so many parts of our world to be so backward. Ya think maybe it's time to stop exploiting the continents natural resources and start cultivating its human ones?

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You know, there's a way you can tell if the children are witches:

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