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Haynesworth drops 32 pounds according to his trainer


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I dont know if this is worthy of it's own thread, if not Mods please delete. I found this article on Yahoo Sports, being it's july and there is no real news this should suffice for now.

Well, here's the latest on the ongoing Albert Haynesworth(notes) vs. the Washington Redskins saga: Haynesworth personal trainer Tripp Smith says that the defensive lineman has dropped 32 pounds since he started working out with Smith in April.

"Albert, he's the type of person that doesn't want to disappoint anybody, but he's very business-minded," Smith recently told Fredicksburg.com. "I think it has motivated him quite a bit, just seeing what his teammates are saying about him and seeing what everybody in the press is saying about him."

Haynesworth's teammates have expressed concern about his conditioning and how he looked winded during games.

Dropping 32 pounds from what weight is what we don't know — maybe Haynesworth was heading to IHOP every morning during his extended holdout and he now needs to get back to his playing weight of 340-350.

However, there's another theory making the rounds: that Haynesworth is dropping pounds from that playing weight in order to force the Redskins to play him outside at 3-4 end. At 310-320, he might be a less-appealing nose tackle, the position he clearly doesn't want to play. Lighter nose tackles like Jay Ratliff(notes) of the Dallas Cowboys play different gap schemes and have bigger ends around them.

At age 29, Haynesworth may want to be less concerned about his sacks and more worried about his legacy. As great as former New York Jets lineman Joe Klecko was, the main reason he still gets Hall of Fame consideration is the fact that he made Pro Bowls as a defensive end, defensive tackle and nose tackle. There's a respect for players like Klecko that Haynesworth will never get if he keeps resisting the change.



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