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ExtremeSkins.com "Survivor Bowl" contest...

Die Hard

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*Pick a winner (no point spread involved)of any NFL game during week 1. Picks MUST be entered inside the "Survivor Bowl Week 1" thread 1 hour prior to the Thursday kickoff game between New York Jets vs. Washington Redskins.

*If the team you selected wins their week 1 game, you continue to week 2. If your team of choice lost their week 1 battle, you have been eliminated from SURVIVOR BOWL IV already and should be ashamed of yourself!

*A team may only be selected once during the season to win their game(exp. if you pick the Redskins in week 1, you may not select the Redskins again for the remainder of the SURVIVOR BOWL I.

*You continue in the SURVIVOR BOWL until a loss (or tie) is suffered, then you're out. YES, TIES ARE LOSSES!

*Winning picks must be in 1 HOUR prior to kickoff of the first game of that week. For weeks 1, 13, 16, 17... picks must be submitted prior to Thursday or Saturday games respectively.

*Any pick not submitted by any of the deadlines will be considered a loss and the contestant will be eliminated from SURVIVOR BOWL I.

*The game will continue until one contestant remains.

*If the regular season ends with no outright winner, the game will continue into the playoffs. Team restrictions will be wiped clean and re-started for the remaining participants.

WEEKLY NFL SCHEDULE: http://www.nfl.com/schedules

Here are the prizes:


- It will also have the ExtremeSkins logo engraved on it. High quality product.


- A "must have" item for any Redskins fan.

The prizes were very generously donated by our very own Rdskinsbill and Rich Tandler respectively. Thanks again gentlemen :)


1. Die Hard - Miami

2. Blade - Denver/NY Giants

3. Om - San Francisco/Oakland/Kansas City/Denver/Dallas

4. Art - Washington/Seattle/New England/St. Louis/Buffalo


5. skinsanity56 - Miami

6. Tarhog - San Francisco/Oakland/Washington

7. Blazers21 - Miami

8. Golgo-13 -

9. sippin2020 - Miami


10. bubba9497 - Indianapolis/Seattle/Kansas City/Green Bay

11. OPM - Miami

12. Canyonero! - Miami

13. DukeSkins - Miami

14. Tom [Giants fan] - Miami


15. UK SkinsFan - Washington/Seattle/Green Bay

16. Bang - Miami

17. The Wicked Wop (rdogblue) - Denver/Minnesota/Pittsburgh/St. Louis

18. rtandler - San Francisco/Minnesota/Green Bay

19. JC - Miami


20. riggins44 - Denver/NY Giants

21. SkinsFan56 - Miami

22. Nighthawk - Washington/Buffalo/Kansas City/Denver/Minnesota

23. THiTo11 - Miami

24. Highway66 - Miami


25. Earthcat - Denver/Oakland/Green Bay

26. Ax - Miami

27. Sag - San Francisco/ New Orleans/Green Bay

28. spanishomelette - Washington/Minnesota/San Francisco

29. Skeletor The Invincible - Miami


30. Eagles_Legendz - Miami

31. Welby24 - Miami

32. redskns56 - Miami

33. CaliforniaSkin - San Francisco/Oakland/Green Bay

34. Waldo da Magnificent - Pittsburgh/Oakland/Indianapolis/Carolina/Dallas


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Originally posted by DSF

Sounds like a fun contest...

Prize doesnt really do it for me though...

I'd probably prefer a shirt to that.. :).. Anyway, I'm still thinking about it, let you know soon.


If you win the contest... I'll give you a tshirt. OK? :)

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Originally posted by Tom [Giants fan]

Die Hard,

Ok, with the hats and shirts, the order form took me right to paypal. How do I pay by paypal using your email address? I feel so stupid!! :doh:

Tom, do you have a Paypal account already setup? If you do... you login to your account and go to the SEND MONEY tab. Then in the "Recipient's Email" field you put in the email address provided and fill out the rest of the pertinent information.

If you don't have a Paypal account... send a check :)

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PS - Thanks for all the prompt payments folks. Considering the interest so far... you've got to like your chances ;)

For the record... staff is ineligible. We'll play along... but the non-staff member that makes it the furthest will take home the big prize :)

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