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WP: Redskins won't Get Dalton


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The Washington Redskins passed on a chance to trade for Denver Broncos defensive tackle Lional Dalton yesterday, NFL sources said. The Broncos apparently agreed to trade Dalton to another team.

The identity of the other team was not clear last night. Sources said the Broncos contacted the Redskins with the terms of the deal and asked if the Redskins wanted to make the trade on those terms, and the Redskins said no. The Redskins wanted to trade Denver a conditional draft choice -- meaning the Broncos would get the pick only if Dalton was on the Redskins' season-opening roster -- and wanted Dalton to reduce his $1.6 million salary to less than $1 million. The Broncos got a draft pick that wasn't conditional and Dalton agreed to a less substantial pay cut, sources said.

The Redskins remain interested in trading for a defensive tackle. The New Orleans Saints might be willing to part with one of their reserves, Kenny Smith or Martin Chase, in a deal involving one of the Redskins' backup tailbacks, Ladell Betts or Kenny Watson. But the Saints have not been willing to part with starter Grady Jackson.

Ramsey Still Ailing

Quarterback Patrick Ramsey sat out the Redskins' practice for a second straight day, unable to throw a football because of a bruised knuckle above the index finger of his right hand.

He and Coach Steve Spurrier said they remained hopeful that Ramsey would play in Saturday's exhibition game against the Baltimore Ravens at FedEx Field.

Ramsey suffered the injury early in last Saturday's exhibition loss to the New England Patriots but completed his scheduled half of playing time.

He continued to receive treatment yesterday, but canceled plans to try to throw a ball when head trainer Dean Kleinschmidt told him that he possibly could make the injury worse. Ramsey was limited to tossing around a racquetball and throwing footballs left-handed during practice.

"That's the primary finger you use when throwing the football," Ramsey said.

"It's not so much the grip as the release, the torque when you release the ball . . . It feels better."

Rob Johnson likely would start if Ramsey is unable to play.

Wilkinson's Ex-Agent Vents

George Mavrikes, the Bethesda-based agent fired by Dan Wilkinson just before the veteran defensive tackle was released by the Redskins last month, said he advised Wilkinson to accept the club's offer for a revised contract. Spurrier, Redskins owner Daniel Snyder and Vinny Cerrato, the team's vice president of football operations, decided to release Wilkinson after he refused to reduce his salary for this season from $3.5 million to $2 million.

"I don't know what he was thinking," Mavrikes said. "He should have taken the deal. He would have been far better off, and the team would have been far better off."

Mavrikes said the Redskins offered to guarantee $1 million of Wilkinson's $2 million salary and offered a package of incentives in which Wilkinson would have earned back all of his $1.5 million in lost income by participating in as little as 51 percent of the club's defensive plays. Mavrikes said that, after being given permission by the Redskins to talk to other teams about prospective contracts, he told Wilkinson that the tackle wouldn't get a better deal with another club. Wilkinson fired Mavrikes a few days before being released and hired Brig Owens.

Wilkinson signed a four-year, $8.455 million contract with the Detroit Lions last weekend. He will earn $2.155 million this year, including a $1.5 million signing bonus and a $655,000 salary. But he must be on the team to earn his future salaries -- $1.8 million in 2004, $2.1 million in 2005 and $2.4 million in 2006 -- and he must refund one-fourth of his signing bonus for each season he misses if he retires.

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I think were seeing if the Ravens can run over us. The one thing you have to admit is that we didn't look bad at all along the defensive front after the 2 first series last week (and Noble out of the game). If we have a solid effort against the Ravens this week with a mix of a 3-4 defense every now and then, I would expect the skins to take this defensive unit into the season.....It also seems that the skins were not all that high on Dalton and a 35 yr old Ted Washington for a 4th round pick seems a little high at best.

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We have enough scrubs along the D-line. Smith or Chase would just add to that conundrum. We need an anchor, somebody who is a definite starter, and that's something we're unfortunately not going to get this late in the game.

Both Washington and Dalton had that potential. Smith and Chase, albeit they're young, are most likely career backups. Our line is already stocked with players just like them. I don't see what good another one will do.

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So basically BDW just didn't want to be with the Skins.

Also, I find it very funny how the Skins are always the ones offering too much payola, but how else were these to deals done.

"for a few dollars MORE". Strange, I don't see the front pages lit up about the "mystery" team and Detroit signings or agreements. Every dog will have their day and I can't wait to watch them eat crow!

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I have a feeling when reviewing tape of Dalton, and inside info from Marvin Lewis among others, we decided it just wasn't a good deal. I'm suprised that the Dalton trade to someone else hasn't been announced. Could Denver be bluffing? Might the Redskins simply be waiting for his eventual release?

Additionally, I too think the team is going to evaluate the DL this preseason game against the Ravens. If we get steamrolled, which is certainly possible with Jamal Lewis and a revamped Raven OL, than the team is on the phone making all sorts of acquisitions and trades....preferably with N.O. involving Watson and hopefully Kenny Smith. <------- Young and hungry to start.

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I think the Skins see better players already on the team than what they saw in Dalton.

B. Jackson, L. Jackson, Scott and Cercie have some skills. We have done the knee jerk sign some older "has been" no other team wanted before, maybe it is time to use some home grown youngster.

If the offense puts up some points this year, there won't be the threat of long running drive as much on them, and they can work into some solid players. :thumb:

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Don't forget didn't we get Gardner like the last week before the season started last year??

There will be many cuts coming. The other teams are not showing their hand yet. I am very happy our team isn't jumping on every DT that is available. Remember everyone know coming into this season was going to be rough. We have a rookie QB and a hard schedule, we have to be realistic for once. If we end up 9-7 then the year was positive and sets us up for a good year in 2004.

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