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PFT-Shanahan reiterates: No to T.O Close and merge, thanks


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'at this time"...I guess I was wrong, I thought he would be Redskin, lthough it is Florio...Shanny appears to be sticking to his guns on this one since his comments earlier in the year


With the only remaining big-name free agent on the market doing everything he can to generate interest, the fate of Terrell Owens has emerged as a key topic for those of us who follow this stuff on a regular basis.

And so when Redskins coach Mike Shanahan appeared on WFAN from the American Century Championship, a celebrity golf event produced annually by our friends at NBC, the former Broncos coach was asked about his potential interest in Owens.

In April, Shanahan said on ESPN's schedule-release show as to T.O., "We will not go in that direction right now." On Thursday, Shanahan said that "right now" continues to apply.

"I made a commitment relative to T.O., that we were not gonna go in that direction," Shanahan said, via Dan Steinberg of D.C. Sports Bog. "There's a lot of factors involved, but bottom line is . . ." (And, apparently, Shanahan's phone cut out at that point.)

When Shanahan made his "right now" comments on ESPN, his demeanor suggested that the door is shut -- and that it won't open in the future. Right now, that appears to be the case.

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Well considering if he actually did want to sign T.O. desperately he'd say the exact same thing I don't think we should celebrate or worry too much about what Shanny says publicly.

If Shanny honestly thinks T.O. will improve our team then he'll sign him. If he doesn't then he won't.

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