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End of the world (ES blocked at work)


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I don't get it. I just don't get it. Friday it was working. Today it's blocked. No ES at work anymore.

The shivers. The shakes. The hallunications.

How do I cope with it? How do I pass the time in between assignments without :doh: -ing anything that twa says (love ya, and whether or not that offends you is irrelevant :) )? What about China's "I search out the weirdest articles possible" posts? What the hell am I supposed to do all day on my downtime?!

This sucks for me; I can't imagine how heartbroken you all must feel. :(

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Now you might actually get work done :ols:


A lot of my work is dependent on other people following through who usually don't have a good history of following through, hence why they're working with me. A lot of waiting for phone calls and such.

Get a decent phone and play on ES through the phone.

Droid X on Thursday, but I can't imagine typing my rants on that thing.

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Maybe they think it's porn...oh, and keeping up via smart phone is easier than you think.

Hmm, I'll try that. The signal sucks, but it's better than nothing.

They actually block it under mimesweeper as sports-related, so at least they got THAT right. Very annoying, though.

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Maybe they think it's porn....

funny, but you make a valid point. A few years back my buddy used my comp. to do some work and when he saw extremeskins in the browser, he was taken back, thinking it was porn. Then i had to explain to him that it was a Redskins message board. lol

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There are ways to get passed filters.


Not if I'm your Network Engineer! We block all proxy servers, and we use a pretty friggin sweet appliance to do it ($40k box)

Don't try to circumvent the filters, because if your IT group is worth a lick, they will catch you....

Of course, Extremeskins is allowed where I work, because I maintain the filter DB!

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