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Pictures from Eric Claptons Guitar Festival **2 hour show tonight ONLY (7-27) in theaters**


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Holy Crap! The talent spread across that stage is almost unbelievable to see, I can't even imagine what it must have been like to see AND hear.

Thanks for sharing!

I was in awe the whole time! I gotta tell ya i have never heard anything like when Ron Wood (of the Rolling Stones), Buddy Guy, and Jonny Lang played together! Jonny Lang was into it, it was amazing!

ZZ Top realy got the place rocking when they started there set off with "Waitin for the Bus/ Jesus Just left Chicago".

John Mayer really shocked me with his music, i have heard some but what he play was great!

When Jeff Beck played i was shocked at how good he really is, and his Bass player was awesome, she was into it!

Vince Gill had a pile of people playing with him, James Burton, Albert Lee among others, and they finished by playing Claptons "Lay Down Sally" it was very good!

And of course Clapton was rockin the whole time, especially when him and Winwood were playing together!

I could not believe when BB King, Clapton, Robert Cray, and Jimmie Vaughan played together, then everybody there got on stage for the last song, "Sweet Home Chicago"!

So many more people played, i would be here for a long time describing it all to ya!:D

I told people i dont think i can go to another concert unless its a Crossroads, because what else could live up to this??

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