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Question about Copper Parking


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Has anyone parked in the Copper/cash lot before? How is it getting in and out of there? I have purchased season tix of an extremeskins member and am trying to figure out where to park. I have parked in the Green before, and that is generally pretty good, but it seems like the skins have cut down on the green space available (made it orange off redskins road). I have never parked in Gray - how is that for anyone that has parked there. I know a group of good friends that set up a nice tailgate for every game so I always walk to their tailgate - so no need for me to tailgate by my vehicle. I am looking for a safe place to park that allows me to exit fairly quickly after the game. I know the copper is a pretty good walk to the stadium. I am looking for some feedback from anyone who has parked in copper and/or gray. Thank you.

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I parked in the copper lot when it was a privately owned cash lot. Getting in and out was fairly easy. Traffic is traffic and it's still gonna take you a good bit if you try and leave right after the game.

The advice I give everyone, and practice without fail is:

Save some grub for after the game, fire up the grill(s) and hang out for a bit. It's alot less stressful than navigating the traffic.

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