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The fair Signing Bonus for Champ


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An important factor in SB's is whether it's being given to a player before his current contract is up. As has been mentioned briefly elsewhere, there are risks for everyone. If the Skins give Champ a big SB now and he gets a career ending injury this year the Skins are screwed because they didn't have to pay him anything extra this year as he's already under contract.

If Champ says "I'll wait until the end of the year and get the best offer," he assumes the risk of an injury and no SB at all. So a redone contract now places all the risk of an injury this year on the Skins and protects Champ because he gets the full SB now. The real decision that smart negotiators in this situation should make is to decide how much is a shift in the injury risk from one party to the other party for a year worth.

This shift in risk is probably worth a couple of million in SB. Every week that goes by without a new contract, the risk shifts a little from the Skins to Champ and so logically the SB should go up - let's say $15-16 million now and $17-18 million at the end of the year. So it just isn't about the bottom line dollar amount of the SB but the timing of it as well.

I'm sure the Skin's FO gets this, we can only hope that Champ and his agent get it too.

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I posed this question in another thread, Isn't there some unwritten rule between a Team's FO, the play(trying to be resigned) and the agent that the Team is supposed to get some kind of discount since he is already currently with the team? I see this done a lot. Is this usually the case, or does it totally go on a player-to-player basis?

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