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Lenny P rips Marty to shreds


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I agree with Lenny here. George is being made the scapegoat. He has no choice but to throw to receivers five-yards down field when that's where they are being instructed to run their routes. In terms of Marty losing players, that also is happening to some extent, though, as demonstrated by the number of former players willing to play for him here, we know that's not the way completely as Len tries to indicate.

Marty can't cut George then run the same offense and watch Banks fail at it. If he does that, the fans will turn on him and start asking why we cut George if it doesn't matter and if it's not his fault it must be Marty's. Marty HAS to change it up this week and make something happen so he can specifically say to the world, "See, it was Jeff, not me." I wouldn't be surprised if we started with 10 consecutive running plays.

I wouldn't be surprised if the first five passing plays are all 15-yards or deeper, at least on attempts. He's got to create plays with Banks so he can lend credence to it being George's fault. If Banks gets in and fails totally as well, it will be no one's fault but Marty's. And I believe it's his fault George failed. He can get out of that error by allowing Banks to succeed. He can compound it by preventing that.


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I'll say one thing for Lenny. He isn't the prettiest plant in the garden! Dude would make a freight train take a dirt road!

Look at the picture on the left side of the article if you don't know what i'm talking about.



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I agree with a lot of what he says about Shotty's miscalculations over George.

But much of the rest of it is bunk. We're immediately back to the "Shotty sold out for the money" nonsense. For a combination coach/GM Shotty's salary is right about on the money. As I recall, just about the same as Holmgren is making with the Seahawks.

And before anyone jumps in to protest that Holmgren's worth more than Shotty, not in Seattle he isn't. After what, 3 years to remake the team in his own mold? And everybody's draft genius this year? Two games into this season Holmgren's team has scored exactly as many TDs as Marty's: zero.

Doesn't help our situation much but Marty's problems are all that's saving the effing media from descending on Holmgren like a pack of wolves.

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Some of my words exactly in Bulldogs post. Jeff was made the scape goat here. You mean to tell me that you can't adapt to George's skills and sustain a measly drive, C'mon.

The coaches evidently have some flaws here and it's starting to show. Every team we played practically beat us in every aspect of the game. Not only beat us but damn near dominated us. So you mean to say from day one of pre-season into the second game of the season you can't manage to keep a drive alive by adjusting the offense of game plan. Sorry! but that won't cut it in this league.

Remember when Petibon was coach, we had times similar to these but not this lousy. Man! this is just outrageous.

Petibon was soon fired and never coached again. Could he have if given the chance?hmm...don't know. But, Marty better start looking at the real deal here. (All in the family here and the brother Raye has some flaws).

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Even though we all know George is a complete head case, I tend to agree with the fact that Marty HAS always flaunted his "hard nosed" attitude, kinda like the cop (or teacher) that is always strutting around like if you look at him the wrong way he will smack you...Cut the crap Marty!!

[edited.gif by NeonGlow on September 26, 2001.]

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Lenny P (as outraged restaurant patron): Waiter, waiter!

Waiter: Yes, sir?

Lenny P: I have two complaints that I simply must voice to you about the food here!

Waiter: Yes, sir, what are they?

Lenny P: Well the food here is absolutely disgusting, the worst I've ever had the misfortune of tasting!

Waiter: I'm sorry to hear that sir. And the other complaint?

Lenny P: The portions are too small!


I thought you guys might like the food reference with LP. But the point is he seems to be making two opposing arguments at the same time. First, he's critical that George was kept on the roster to begin with, as opposed to being cut months ago. However, with the next breath he defends George as simply being difficult to understand and criticizes Shotty for failing to adapt his offense around George. In essence, he's arguing both that George was cut too late, and too soon.

Now, that having been said, I'm seeing some things here that I don't like. A pattern is developing among some sportswriters who are noting that this team is not behind Marty, at least not yet. While some of it sounds like speculation, it worries me about them.

Secondly, I too worry/wonder about the effects of the Shotty-mafia that is the coaching staff upon their collective ability to coach. I wonder how innovative everyone can be when they're all cut from the same cloth like that. The Jeff George experiment, to the extent it could work at all, needed to have many tweaks made to the offense to allow him the opportunity to be successful. The guy was 33 years old, with a history of being the same fundamental QB despite playing for 4 teams and 8 coaches over 9 years before arriving in Washington. Did they really think that they could remake him into a WCO QB?

Finally, I am simply not seeing the emperor's new clothes when it comes to personnel decisions. The draft was OK (although it's early), but virtually no FA acquisition is paying off at all, with the possible exception of Bates who still is clearly out of his element at PR. We need a bona fide personnel man in Washington ASAP, if for no other reason than because Marty needs to concentrate on regaining his team's confidence and doesn't need the distractions that go with personnel acquisition issues.


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never liked the marty hiring, so I feel free to hack away. he is a retread loser from a bygone era who cannot communicate with todays players. can't anyone see the obvious? the leadership needed to resurrect this dormant franchise isn't going to come from this loser. all the signals are there. he only trusts the familiar, dispenses with challenges (i.e., can't handle diversity), obviously can't motivate a team, prefers nepotism to ability as a coaching criterion, is horrendous at making adjustments, and on and on. his one out was to confess that he inheritted a proverbial pile and is on a 2-3 yr project. instead, he chose to dissemble the obvious - his preferred tactic. what has he done, afterall? he focused on the receiving corps, but missed the boat at the O-line, D-line, QB and safety. i argued earlier this summer that this was a misplaced priority - wrs don't touch the ball often enough to be the focal point. they should comelast. the whole strategy was afu from day one. there is every appearance that the man will not shoulder blame for his tactical and strategic mistakes. recall the posts from KC fans who noted that we were hiring someone who could not win (second place doesn't count). this franchise is in for some woeful times, one can only hope that the good, young talent doesn't abandon the skins when it comes time for contract negotiation. I'm at the point of worrying about sustaining the base until we can bring on enough new talent to fix all the miserable decisions which ultimately lie at dan synder's feet. he has precipiated the destruction of one of the proudest franchises in football. hysterical? i think not - just loo on the field.

[edited.gif by al on September 26, 2001.]

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'Fraid I have to take an excpetion, al.

There are many things that can be said about Marty (I'm assuming we're in a football context, here): Dull, boring, old, dinosaur, I'll go with. Over the hill, I can see how some might suspect that (although I think they'd need some evidence to support that).

Stubborn or dictatorial, I'll certainly grant. (Although, I keep remembering a TV show about Norm Schwartzkopf: Many of his former subordinates kept saying that he was abusive, opinionated, intolerant, and agressive. I kept wondering: "And this is bad in a General because?. . .")

But "loser", I think, is intolerable. I believe he's the 12th winningest coach in NFL history (#2 among active coaches). I think they showed that, in terms of winning percentage, he's #3 all time (among coaches with more than 5 years).

I'll agree that I haven't been happy with some of his decisions. But I think he (we) could go for two years or so without a single score before he even gets below .500.

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F fatboy Lenny and (God forgive me) all of you f'in idiots that give a $hit about Jeff George. The guy is a piece of $hit QB, period.

Only one stat means jack. The guy had ONE F'IN winning season in his career. He freaking sucks. Why on earth you people would give a toot about a loser with barely a .300 career winning percentage is way beyond me (that, FYI, equates to about 5-11 forever). And by the way, he held even truer to form by going 1-6 as the Redskins starter. I still can't believe he actually beat the Rams on MNF last year. Now THAT was the exception to the rule.

We may suck now and into the far distant future, but we don't need to be pushed over the cliff by f'in losers like Jeff George. Good riddance to that SOB.

So there.

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Lets see JGeorge played for the sorry Colts, the sorry Falcons, The Ok Raiders 1 yr, The decent Vikings 1yr and the bad luck Skins.

Our QB situation is now very questionable like JGeorge or not. There is nothing wrong with his arm its the rigid stance of Marty. He'll be a backup somewhere.


Take a sip of the Marty KoolAid and Believe

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Anybody remember when Snyder first bought the team and the rumor was that he wanted to dump Norv and hire Schottenheimer? Of course, he took actual control of the team too late to make that change.

But I do remember a lot of people cringing at the idea of Schotty taking over the team. I was one of them.

After another excruciating season with Norv, a disciplinarian like Marty sounded good to me. Word was he was an excellent teacher and got the most out of his talent. But after spending this much time observing him as the coach of our team, I think I might be seeing why he never had success in the playoffs.

Marty preaches fundamentals and demands precision. But I think his tough, disciplined approach can only take you so far. Marty and his coaching staff seem to lack some intangibles themselves. A rousing pep talk and tough rhetoric aren't enough.

I haven't seen an impressive grasp of the intellectual side of football by this staff. To really get the most out of your players, you need a good coaching staff who can create cerebral game plans and make adjustments during the course of the game. Perfect execution doesn't mean diddly if the other team has anticipated what you're trying to do and you don't compensate.

One of the things I love so much about football, especially at the NFL level, is the matching of wits. At it's highest level, football is like a chess match, except with blood and snot and broken bones.

We got incredibly spoiled by Joe Gibbs and his staff. They understood the game at every level. Unfortunately, I beginning to think we've just ridden one extreme--an all cerebral approach with Norv--to the opposite end with Marty.

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I dunno. Gibbs had to go 0-5 before he made his adjustments, throw out what he was doing, and come up with something else.

I wonder what the players were thinking of him and grumbling about during thaty stretch.

The place Lombardi always started was with discipline, and so there's nothing wrong with that in and of itself.

But I think we need a win more than anything. Butt ugly, lucky, I don't care. But a win takes the pressure off, relaxes everyone, allows them to not overcompensate, and restores faith.

It'll come, and the best role model we can have right now is Jack Kent Cooke. He stuck by Gibbs during that first season when everything looked to be going to hell and everybody was wondering if this young hotshot knew what the hell he was doing.

I'm gonna stick by Marty, assume he knows what he's doing, ignore the more strident voices among us, and see how this pans out.

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