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WSSC Warns Dan Snyder Not to Water Lawn: Sources

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WSSC officials patrolled Prince George's and Montgomery counties Friday to make sure customers are obeying to water restrictions. Dozens were cited, including Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, sources told News4's Pat Collins.

Already unpopular in the area for a decade of pathetic Redskins football during his reign, this certainly won't win Danny boy any new fans.

The WSSC implemented restrictions Thursday after inspections detected a failing 96-inch water main in the area of Gainsborough Road and Tuckerman Lane in Montgomery County, Md. The WSSC wants to reduce water usage by a third to ensure continued service to all customers and ample supply for fighting fires and medical use.

The restrictions include no outside water use such as watering the grass, washing the car or topping off the swimming pool. Snyder was cited for watering the vast lawn at his River Road mansion, sources said.

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