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Check fraud question


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Call them, tell them you dont know WTF the charge is..and to cancel your current check card, and send you a new one with a different number...that should be the FIRST thing you do..I JUST had to do this the other day..so I gotta wait 7-10 biz days to get a new one, annoying but I'll live lol

My bank told me after it posts ( ie isnt "pending") call them back and they will reverse the charges

EDIT: whoops you said check, thought I read check card cause thats what was running through my mind lol damn scammers!!

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If its a cashed check, definitely. My roomate/landlord lost a check once, I was going to cancel it but Chase was going to charge me like $30. They said that if someone were to cash it, they could investigate whoever cashed it for fraud and the check cashing institution might be out money for not following procedure (namely getting photo ID)

Charges on your bank card might be a bit tougher but its all in the timing - the sooner the better.

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