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Your top 5 concerts/shows of all time.


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Continuing on with the music theme here. Your 5 favorite shows of all time. Mine are:

1. Bootsy and the Rubberband in Richmond about 7 or 8 years ago. I thought the roof of the Flood Zone was going to cave in.

2. James Brown Band in DC around '90 or '91. Hardest working man in show business with the tightest band.

3. Buddy Guy in Chicago around '94 or '95. Incredible blues guitar with a great back up band. I left in tears.

4. Radiohead in Atlanta last year. Awesome live sound. Intense performance. I never knew how good these guys were.

5. Michael Hedges in Richmond around '96. 1 man show. Incredible guitarist. You guitar players who haven't heard of him need to check his stuff out. Unfortunately he died a few years ago.

I could name off dozens more, but these are the ones I always remember.

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RUSH- at Lisner auditiorum (DC) 2112 tour. Just Damm!!!!

Thin Lizzy- Ontario theatre (DC) Man Phil Lynott was such a great live performer.

Judas Priest- Louies Rock City (Bailyes cross roads)

Y & T- Wax Museum ( DC)

Van Halen- Cap Center first album tour w/ Ted Nugent. Met them at peaches and they signed my circus mag.

All except Van Halen were small clubs. Got to see the bands up close.

I still have kodachrome of some of these bands.

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Outside of festivals.

-Nine Inch Nails opening for Jesus and Mary Chain. Nobody had ever heard of them and I looked around and saw an entire audience with their jaws wide open. They rocked. Some small venue in Charlottesville around 89. JMC was decent, but not great

-Aerosmith Cap center around 86. Dokken opened and the guitarist (George Lynch?) passed out during the 2nd song, so Aerosmith came out early and played for almost 3 hours.

-Jane's Addiction 89, Memorial Gym UVA. unreal show.

-Fishbone 1989, Main Hall Mary Washington College.

-Bowie 198? His final Ziggy Stardust tour.

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1. Tibetan Freedom Concert - RFK Summer of 1998

2. Jack Johnson/Ben Harper - Promowest Pavilion - Cols, OH June 2003

3. Wu-Tang/Rage against the Machine - Merriweather PP-Aug. of 1997

4. Phish in Chicago - 1999?

5. Ordinary Peoples - Athens, OH Sigma Chi Derby Days 2000

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that is a tough question, i have seen many shows...

in no particular order:

---Dave Matthews, new years '95. Great show, he had Hornsby come on at the end to jam "Watchtower"!!!

---Radiohead, wednesday night. see my previous thread on it.

---Phish, VA Beach 98. A great setlist, and the encored with Terrapin Station... i was almosts in tears. also it's the worst place to see a show.

---Fleetwood Mac, the Dance tour. great band, timeless music.

---Nirvana, W&M Hall. the Breeders opened for them; outstanding show!

---Santana w/ Rusted Root. before he sold out. great jamming with RR... the vibe was incredible.

---Big Lazy. a three-peice (drums, e.guitar, stand-up electric bass) out of Brooklyn NY. if they are in your area please check them out. download for samples. i am on their mailing list and make sure to see every possible show within driving distance.

and my least fav shows/disappointment:

---bob dylan, he had no energy and just seemed like he didn't give a ****.

---al green, i was expecting so much more. love his music, but wouldn't reccomend it live.

---jimmy buffett. or maybe it was the throngs of drunken assholes around me? i am not one to fight, but this was the closest i have gotten in a long while.

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I have been to alot of concerts in my day, so this is going to be hard.

Pink Floyd 94' RFK.

Lynyrd Skynyrd 76' RFK.

Ted Nugent w/ Van Halen 78' Cap Center.

Judas Priest 79' Louie's Rock City. Hey aREDSKIN.

Bobby Parker w/ The Night Hawks 92' The Melting Pot.

I know you said 5 but I have to list this one too.

Outlaws w/ Molly Hatchet 79' (I think it was 79' :bong: Cap Center.

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I'm guessing maybe you're a bass player? I love the stuff Marcus Miller did with Miles. Miller belongs in the underrated thread - awesome musician that most people have never heard of.

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I've probably only been to 5 concerts my entire life unless you count all of those Beach Boys concerts on the Mall during July 4th.

Lets see, there's not much to choose from.

Jimmy Buffet (twice) -- Merryweather

Blue Oyster Cult & Foghat -- Cap Center

Prince (Purple Rain -- actually good) -- Cap Center

Dire Straits & Midnight Oil -- Merryweather

Chicago -- Cap Center

I think that all I've ever seen.

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Rolling Stones at Tokyo Dome in 1990. Was told it was the first time they ever played in Japan.

Van Halen in 1981. The first concert my mom let me go to.

Jimmy Buffett.

Metallica/Faith No More/GnR at RFK.

Aerosmith at Nissan Pavilion after the Sept 11 attack. Put on one helluva show.

Eric Clapton.

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Prince 83 84 at Cap Center. Prince is the coolest performer ever next to James Brown.

Metallica and Scorpions and other bands at Mainz Air Field in Germany 91 "Tallica tore that ass up"

Living Color at the 930 club 89 these "dudes could jam"

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I forgot to add Dr Dirty John Valby at the Junkyard in Orlando.

If he ever plays close again you have got to check him out and you will have the time of your life.

He played for a couple of hours and after the show, my gut hurt from laughing so much and I could not wipe the smile off my face. He came out at intermission and signed autographs and took requests. Really good time.

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Only five? Not sure if I can.

Led Zeppelin - 1975 Cap Center

Lynyrd Skynyrd - The real deal, not the pretenders. Cap Center twice. RFK

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Merriwether Post

Allman Brothers - 1974 I think. New Haven, Connecticut

Foghat - These guys always wore everybody in the crowd out.

Doobie Brothers - Cap Center

Alice Cooper- Cap Center

J. Geils Band - Cap Center

Huey Lewis and the News - Merriwether Post

Jethro Tull - Cap Center. I didn't have any records. Some chick who (successfully) tried to get in my pants took me and I was thoroughly impressed.

Oh yeah, the concert was good too.;)

Many more but I guess i better stop.

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78 MSG, Grateful Dead. It was the tour with the new release of Shakedown Street. My best friends dad had a bud who scored us a set of back stage passes. Dream come true. Partying with the band and some of their friends was unreal.

In 76 or 77, Grateful Dead English town NJ. Outlaws and Tucker warmed up for the Dead, who were at the top of their game at that time. Lots of four way, smoke, beer, and mud. Lots of naked chicks doing that weird floaty type of dance that was the norm at Dead shows.

75 Charlie Dannials Band at RCC field house Suffren NY. Outstanding show. At the end of the show, we were looking for the pay phone, and wound up in the reception room with CDB and the Outlaws. Ate and drank for about a half hour before security realized we didn't belong there. They weren't very polite while showing us the door.

Around 82 SUNY New Paltz, SRV & Double Trouble, David Bromberg Band, Johnny Winters, and Jorma. Free concert in the trippin field, and we did for the two day event..................more mud. Nobody knew SRV being he had just released his first album. You know those large black vinyl discs.

Around 78, BB King in Central Park. That man puts on one hell of a show.

Honorable mention.......Shea Stadium, The Who's final tour........



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