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Statesman.com: Cedric Benson Arrested for Assault


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"...Cedric Benson was arrested and charged with assault with injury early today after an incident last month at Annie’s West at 706 West Sixth Street, where officials said he punched a bar employee in the face.

The 27-year-old current running back for the Cincinnati Bengals had been involved in an altercation at the establishment and was being escorted out when he punched an employee, according to an arrest affidavit."

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Oh, Bengals. When will you learn? The whole AFC North is starting to frighten me, actually. o_0

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Oh, Bengals. When will you learn? The whole AFC North is starting to frighten me, actually. o_0

Oh, come on. It's not the whole division, just half of it. :pfft:

Come on Bengals!... Can anybody stay out of trouble over there?... :pfft:


5/4/2010 Maurice Purify Cincinnati WR

Arrested on disorderly conduct charge in Newport, Ky., after alleged late night bar fight.

1/29/2010 Rey Maualuga Cincinnati LB

Arrested on DUI charge in Kentucky after hitting a parking meter and two parked cars with his 2003 Pontiac. Pleaded guilty, blood-alcohol-content of .157, suspended sentence of seven days in jail, $350 in fines, two years probation, driver's license suspended 90 days.

4/5/2009 Leon Hall Cincinnati CB

Charged with DUI after being pulled over at 3:11 a.m. Blood-alcohol level of 0.149, according to breath test. Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor reckless driving, sentenced to 64 hours community service, three days in a residential driver intervention program, $250 fine.

5/1/2008 Ahmad Brooks Cincinnati LB

Charged with misdemeanor assault, accused of punching woman in face in Kentucky.

3/31/2008 Chris Henry Cincinnati WR

Charged with assault and disorderly conduct after police said he punched man in the head and threw beer bottle threw car window. Released by team same week. NFL suspended him four games.

Assault charge dropped.

6/17/2007 Quincy Wilson Cincinnati RB

Charged with disorderly conduct after refusing police request to disperse after wedding in West Virginia. Dropped if he avoids trouble through Dec. 17

5/18/2007 A.J. Nicholson Cincinnati LB Arrested

Charged with misdemeanor assault. Police said his girlfriend told them he hit her in the eye. Cut by team three days later. Misdemeanor charge dropped after completing 40 hours of community service, parenting class and an anger management evaluation.

3/21/2007 Chris Henry Cincinnati WR

Cited for three traffic charges, including driving with suspended license, vehicle impounded.

1/22/2007 Johnathan Joseph Cincinnati CB

Arrested and charged with possession of marijuana in northern Kentucky after traffic stop. Diversionary program

12/9/2006 Deltha O'Neal Cincinnati CB

Arrested and was charged with driving while intoxicated after being stopped at a traffic checkpoint in Amelia, Ohio. Benched one game, pleaded to reckless operation of vehicle

12/3/2006 Reggie McNeal Cincinnati WR

Arrested in Houston and charged with resisting arrest after being refused entrance to a nightclub. Fined and placed on probation.

9/25/2006 Odell Thurman Cincinnati LB

Arrested and charged with drunken driving. NFL suspended rest of the season and later all of 2007 season. Pleaded no contest, license suspended, 90-day-sentence suspended, six days in rehab.

8/5/2006 Eric Steinbach Cincinnati OG

Arrested and charged with boating under the influence on the Ohio River. Diversion program, fine

7/22/2006 Matthias Askew Cincinnati DT

Arrested and charged with obstruction of police business, resisting arrest and two parking violations. Acquitted. He sued the city of Cincinnati, accusing police of unlawful arrest and excessive force. The city agreed to pay him $500,000.

6/21/2006 Frostee Rucker Cincinnati DE

Charged with two counts of spousal battery and vandalism after an alleged fight between Rucker and his girlfriend. Pleaded to one count of false imprisonment and one count of vandalism. 36 months of summary probation, one year of domestic violence counseling, 750 hours of community labor.

6/14/2006 Chris Henry Cincinnati WR

Henry turns himself in and is arrested for providing alcohol to three teenage girls in a Covington, Ky., motel room on April 29. Sentenced to two days in jail, 88-day suspended sentence. Suspended eight games in 2007 for multiple arrests.

6/3/2006 A.J. Nicholson Cincinnati LB

Charged with burglarizing the apartment of a former Florida State teammate the weekend of May 20-21. Pleaded no contest, two years probation, 60 days at work program

6/3/2006 Chris Henry Cincinnati WR

Arrested and charged with speeding and operating a vehicle under the influence. Henry was stopped on Interstate 275 in Cincinnati at 1:18 a.m., after being clocked driving 82 mph in a 65 mph zone. Pleaded guilty to lesser charge of reckless operation of car, 30-day suspended jail sentence

1/28/2006 Chris Henry Cincinnati WR

Arrested in Florida on concealed weapons charges for allegedly possessed a firearm outside an Orlando nightclub. NFL suspended two games, 100 hours community service, two years probation

12/15/2005 Chris Henry Cincinnati WR

Arrested in Covington, Ky., and charged with possession of marijuana after traffic stop. Pleaded guilty, drug rehab

I'm going to say no, they cannot.

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The way Mike Brown runs the team Cincinnati can't afford premium free agents and doesn't want to make trades that add salary.

So the team goes 'dumpster' diving in the offseason for players like Benson and Pacman Jones that are discounted price-wise because of previous suspensions or other bad behavior.

In Washington we saw the Nationals baseball team do the same thing for 5 years under Jim Bowden. Dmitri Young, Elijah Dukes, Paul LoDuca, etc.

A rogue's gallery of players that were out in the wilderness after one transgression or another.

It's fine to add ONE player that has talent who faces some challenges, but you need a strong locker room to keep control from within.

The Bengals don't have that.

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