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Sony Receiver Question: Normal for tv volume output to be low(er)?


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So I've had this Sony STR DG500 receiver for about five years.

I have it hooked up via optical cable to my PS3. Sound is awesome for games & blurays.

Because I just bought an Samsung 50" Plasma that happens to have a digital optical output, I bought a 2nd optical cable to run to the TV and just hooked it up.

I have noticed that it seems when using the receiver for audio from the TV, the output is a lot lower than from my PS3. I have to turn the volume about 10-15 notches higher than I typically would when watching a movie on the PS3.

Is this normal when using a receiver for your tv?

Could this be because the particular program/channel I was watching was not output for 5.1. I know HBO shows and other premium channels and a lot of sports programming is mixed for 5.1, but I think I just had it on a random channel just to make sure I hooked up everything right.

Now with that said, once I do turn it up louder, the sound is fine, it doesn't suck, I just am wondering if this is a normal issue?

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