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I just got my HOF induction ceremony ticket in the mail!


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Sweeeeet! I went in 2008 and it was a blast, worth the money I pulled out of savings to pay for the trip!

Only thing is this year you will have to share Canton, Ohio with the Cowboys Fans! :saber:

No....the Cowpoke fans will have to share Canton, Ohio with us!

We already have the Buffalo Wild Wings locked up for that Friday Night.

I can just imagine the looks of horror and disgust when any Dallass fans show up.

They think that they're going to munch on some wings at a sports bar, but when they got through that door, they'll see the place packed with Skins fans. Extreme Skins fans!


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That was a great weekend in 2008. The hall of fame game, Skins vs Colts, Monk and Green inducted, the mayor making that day officially "Washington Redskins Day."

So many great memories. The place was like 95% Skins fans or more. Michael Irvin was introduced and the whole place booed him, it was great. I guess the most memorable for me was the standing O for Monk. It went on for over 4 minutes. Very touching to say the least.

Wont be making the trip this year, but i think it should be interesting...Skins fans and Dallas fans...need i say more?

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I went in 2008 with my wife and daughter. It's probably the most enjoyable sporting event of my life. The ceremony was great. The game was great. All the Skins fans being there was awesome. The burgundy and gold sent a message that weekend.

Booing the Cowboy during HOF introductions and having Berman try to correct us. Classic. If the Art Monk standing ovation didn't send chills down your spine, nothing, sports related, will.

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that was easily one of the best weekends of my life.

I still can't believe I was a part of it. Loved EVERY minute of it!

Can't make it this time...most of my financial resources are tied in paying for my last class at The University of Pitt...(after this class Master Degree #2 is in the bag)...and I'll have just enough to go to North Carolina and see my dad who I haven't seen in a couple of years.

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