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Hey, lets trade Orakpo & T.Williams for Ochocinco

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Trent Williams is an unproven player along with Orakpo coming off a good year all because of Fats(AH). With Ocho we get that #1 receiver we have lacked for along time. He has proven that he is an elite player who also loves soccer and can dance well. This is good for us on all fronts. Where do I order the jersey?


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okay ... is this bizzaro world?

i've seen much less ridiculous threads GET CRUSHED, and 10 posts into this thing, nothing???

is ES getting soft?

wow ...

Because most opened the thread ready to rip this guy a new assh*le only to understand that he was referring to the proposed trade we had offered the bengals which, if they had accepted, would have effectively been Orakpo & TW for Ocho.

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Dude awesome! A thread on sarcasim. Maybe we can start one up for every ****ty Cerato move. That would really be funny. HTTR

Relax, it's the off-season bro. Maybe you should start a thread....oh wait that priviledge has been yanked.I digress....

For all the folks incapable of reading the 2 sentences in the first post. The Redskins offered the 2009 and 2010 first round pick for Chad Ochocinco, Bengals owner Mike Brown declined the trade saving the Raiders from being "The Redskins of the West".

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