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Hilarious video of NYG co-captain Shaun O'Hara getting nailed in face by tennis balls


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sheesh, my bad. didn't do it on purpose.

seems like a silly rule in this case, as people in The Stadium were viewing this thing like crazy the whole time it was posted there. it is obviously of interest to people perusing that forum.

No one said you did it on purpose, but that doesn;t even matter. As for your "argument", it's as though you totally ignored the clarity of the underlined section and the purpose of actual rule--something beyond your purview. We don't just wave the rules for you.

Your response here was not well-advised. You had been given a break on receiving an NNT setting (your second break on the same issue) in this matter. And that was also your second rule violation of two different rules noted by two different moderators (the other one being a sig violation).

Sine you seem to have joined this site very recently, and mainly (apparently) to promote your blog (which is fine) you also seem to have little regard for reading and following our rules, which is something you agree to do when you register. That is not fine. BTW, it is also noted in the rules that the procedure for members to discuss a moderator action is via the feedback forum or in a PM, and not by discussing it in the thread where the action took place. So that's another one if we wanted to be ticky-tacky baout it or if you're just keeping score. :)

If you want to use this place, you better learn a little something about it.

So while I am very tempted to rescind my courtesy to you of not giving you the No New Threads setting, I am instead going to just warn you that any further violations on your part or presentations of unsolicited and misplaced attitude may not only result in full application of penalty at minimum, but may include your loss of all posting privileges.

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Saw this full episode last night. Might be the best one I've ever seen. Just absolutely hilarious. They failed almost every challenge too.

And it made me realize just how ****ing massive football players are. I'm used to seeing little emo teenagers sitting around the table. There was hardly room to breathe for these guys.

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