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Would you bring back Bailey if the Bronco's don't extend contract

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nope. Not interested.

He's talented and all....but he's a small game CB. Seems that he was really great against lesser teams early in the year. Then when Denver is hosting a playoff game, Champ gives up a TD or 2 to the 3rd WR on Pittsburgh.

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I was listening to the radio, a few weeks back, when someone (Schefter?) mentioned possibly seeing a "new, old face" in the defensive backfield. Although I wondered if he was talking about Champ, he didnt say who he was referring to. At the time, he was saying this could happen soon, though, which wouldnt make much sense.

Did anyone else hear this?

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Better question is....would his wife let him?


Yep, there is NO WAY AT ALL champ would ever be allowed to set foot in Washington given what happened in the past. That is if he's still married to the same women he was when he was here. Ain't gonna happen.

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Actually, this scenario sounds like the Skins method of operating.

Don't grow 'em yourself.

Wait until they are past their prime and then overpay them.

It's merely coincidence that he started out here.

So glad the culture has changed.

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