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Please pray for your fellow board member

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Hey guys, I'm one of Vishal's friends and I just wanted to inform some of you that he was in a very bad car accident this morning. He was hit on the side by a person running a red light. He's been rushed to the hospital where the doctors are taking care of him. I know he posts here a lot and he's a HUGE Redskins fan. I don't know if any of you know him personally but I'm just trying to get as many prayers as possible for him. Please pray for him and his family.



UPDATE (8:19 PM)

He's doing well now. He sustained head and arm injuries but otherwise his life is not at risk. He was very fortunate to survive this and I'm sure all of your prayers helped a whole lot. Please keep praying for him.

Thank you all so much for your support!

UPDATE (Tuesday 11:20 PM)

The doctors say he will recover 100% from all of his injuries and he is in good condition now. He is conscious, talking and fully aware of his surroundings. He's dealing with this very bravely. His left hand is badly injured which he is quite pissed about because he plays guitar a lot. But otherwise he is in great spirits. Thanks for all the support guys!!!

UPDATE (Thursday)

Hey guys!! Thanks for all the wishes and prayers. I'm doing great now. Ya'll don't know how much this means to me. Hope to see you guys and thank you in person at ES events soon! Drive safely and hug your loved ones!!

Typing with one hand sucks. All of my fellow call of duty players, I'll be back shortly to shoot down all the aircrafts LOL. Also, Go Wizards!!! John Wall!!

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