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Are these Skin veterans going to make the team?

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Are these three veterans going to make the team this year?

Rod Jones, Tre Johnson and Darnerian McCants? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe any of them have even been practicing, although I did read one week that McCants was running wind sprints.

I would hate to see Rod Jones and McCants cut. Jones we need as a backup left tackle and I think McCants still has a lot of potential. I still don't understand why we had to cut Alex Sulfsted when we did, with Jones still banged up. :(

I like Tre but I wouldn't feel quite as bad about him being cut, because no one was interested in him last summer. And if we had another injury at guard, I am sure with his injury history, he would still be available for resigning.

But if these three veterans are cut, who replaces them?

McCants > Sloman or Wood****? [i don't like these guys as well]

Tre Johnson > Wilbert Brown or Lennie Friedman?

Rod Jones > Brandon Winey? [big drop off here in talent]

What do you guys think? There are only two weeks left for these guys to get healthy, although none of them are expected to start. :rolleyes:

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I think that McCants is just about assured a spot. He's had a year in the system, he's show that he can play but he's made mistakes. The big thing is that Spurrier ripped him for making mistakes, that's good because obviously he's pushing him to be better. McCants is also a possible replacement for Gardner if we lose him when he becomes a FA.

I think that Wood**** will go to the PC and Cloman will make the team. I'd have it like this:

1) coles

2) Gardner

3) Jacobs

4) McCants

5) Russell

6) Cloman

I don't know about Tre or Jones, but they are proven in the past so i don't think they both are in danger. But one may go. There are a lot of good talent guys on this team, cuts will be tough.

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I think the question about McCants is about Patrick Johnson. Has Johnson made enough mistakes that his practicing and potential (speed) will make him the loser. I don't think McCants is beloved enough within the organization for them to keep him if he continues to not play, practice, and show nothing. He is gaining value in the negative form. By not playing, others mistakes make them look worse and by absence him better.

Right now, I'd take Freidman over Tre. I do not want to see Brown at Center. Freidman looked okay and his long snapping was fine. Who needs a guard/center who is a turnstyle at guard and can't snap at center. That is only a slightly exaggerated interpretation of what Brown has shown to be.

Jones bothers me. We don't know much of anything about him. He has been injured and not playing pretty much since he got here. I too, would have liked to have kept Sulfstead. The move to cut Alex and Big Daddy were both questionable. Big Daddy was all about Russian Roulette and a battle of egos. You can't make declarations and then say, "never mind" They got in a position where they had to cut him simply to keep face. Bad strategy. Sulfstead certainly seems better than the tackle who keeps getting called for movement. That guys been about 20% of our penalties...

Jones may also be booted because of salary... tre and McCants are cheap, but if we intend to resign Champ and trade/snag 2 Dt's we're going to need room for two more veterans, plus maintain our injury cushion.

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We already have vacancies due to placing Noble on IR.

D Mac needs to play and hopes that Johnson continues to screw up because I think its cloman who can earn a spot.

TreJ's is a fave of mine but anything saying achilles tendon means its only a matter of time before it pops which to me means he should take time off for it to heal.

R Jones dont know but depth is a good thing and Wilbert even though he is best friends with Trotter is a detriment to the team at this time.

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Tre Johnson won't make the team.

McCants will be traded to the Chargers for a conditional draft choice.

Rod Jones will make the team if he is healthy by the last preseason game as he is the primary backup at LT.


Wow thanks Mr. Cerrato, I'm glad you visit the boards!:laugh:

I would be all in favor of all of those moves.

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Code..... McCants hasn't played in a preseason game so I'm not sure what you've seen.

To me... McCants might get a pass on potential alone and the looming decision regarding Gardner. If the cap management forces us to let Gardner, and his mental lapses and occasional drops, loose... it'd be nice to McCants as a replacement.

*As for Tre.... Cut.... he can't be relied on anymore.

*As for Jones... He's primary OT backup... so he stays and gets healthy.

I'm hoping the Wilbert Brown project is dropped and punted. He makes more mistakes than he does make plays.... and I'm not sure why he's still around other than Helton.

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It wouldn't surprise me either way to see all three make the team or see all three cut in favor of younger or faster players.

If Cloman (or anyone else for that matter :rolleyes: ) can impress on special teams, he has a good shot of replacing McCants.

If Tre and Jones can BOTH stay healthy and get nasty, they could stay but my guess is only one person on the list makes the team. Unfortunately, I'm not sure who it will be. :silly:

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Sulfsted was a 'Marty' guy.

In case you haven't noticed they are trying to export the Marty guys to the degree possible.

The trouble is some of them like Watson and Ohalete keep playing well enough that the team is forced to give them playing time at the expense of the preferred players :laugh:

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McCants is gone unless he plays and impresses in the last two preseason games. I don't think the team has ever been that enamored with him.

Doesn't look good for Tre as this point.

Can't see cutting Rod Jones with the garbage we have at the backup tackle spots. Unless he just can't play at all due to injuries.

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