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Ah the H1. Now we're talking. Costs $23 to start it up and almost have to take a loan out to keep the tank fuel,but at least you won't have to worry about traffic or finding a parking space. Just drive over the slower traffic or make your own road and park on top of other cars. And those snow storms? Pfffffffft. ;)

As for the H3,it's more compact,but I wouldn't bother. It's more than likely going to be discontinued along with the entire Hummer line.

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I've driven all three.

H1 by a mile, but it can't get out of it's own way.....was way fun on the 4x4 beaches of the Outer Banks......AAA+++ cannot say enough how fun it was

H2 is much faster, but unless you have a 3 inch penis, there's no point in having one.

H3 I had one as a rent a car, and my wife fell in love with it. That should tell you enough. POS with a 5 cylinder engine. WTF? A Hummer with a 5 Cylinder engine?

These are thoughts from someone who's driven all three

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